Daniel Radcliffe… Gay Icon?

Daniel Radcliffe, who was in town for the Toronto premier of The Woman in Black, talks about his upcoming Alan Ginsberg role, his growing stature as a gay icon and The Trevor Project.

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8 comments on “Daniel Radcliffe… Gay Icon?
  1. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:


  2. brawnbear says:

    Oh for pete’s sake.. is EVERYONE a gay icon now who supports gay rights? Does that make me a gay icon?

  3. foro says:

    cmon, the kids nice but gay icon is a bit far? hes not even any sort of an icon except for the harry potter fans as far as im concerned..
    god he looks weird though

  4. charlie61 says:

    I would do him

  5. lookig04 says:

    Seeing him in the nude in his stage play in London, not so much. Kinda like Patrick Harris. To each his own.

  6. spankmycrank says:

    i think its nice to see a young, high profile, hetrosexual guy showing strong support for a cause many on here probably don’t give a whatsit for

  7. jimgood says:

    seems like such a nice guy. but my god, he’s hyper

  8. mikepat says:

    not much of an icon. but he could park his shoes under my bed for a week end