OMAR Is SGT. COACH’S NEW Boyfriend (via ChaosMen)

Sgt. Coach has got a major boner for this Omar dude. Nice smile, muscular, hairy bod, fine ass… did I say fine ass? Oh, and that thick perfect dick of his… looks mighty tasty (like to get my lips around that).

So check this ChaosMen stud out (you know you want too).

Watch Omar at

Omar is of Middle-Eastern descent but grew up in the Southwestern U.S. Basically an All-American guy.

It took a while to get Omar in to the studio. Just after scheduling  his solo, he hurt his back doing some squats.  I think it was the second time he had really injured himself, and found that he was basically trapped in his bed.  All kinds of naughty ideas ran through my head at that thought, but my guess is he was would not be able to move around, much less play.


It took him almost a month to get mobile and then hit the gym for about a week. He is very conscientious about his build, and wanted to be in the best shape possible. After being laid up for so long, he didn’t feel a week was enough to get back in shape, but he sent some pictures and I told him he was being silly. He looked awesome!

He was happy that he didn’t have to shave his body hair. His ethnic heritage is known for being hairy, and he says he is tired of fighting the battle against his body hair.  At last he had an excuse to to put the razor down!

Omar does pretty well with the ladies, but has such a pleasant demeanor, that he doesn’t sound cocky at all. He just sounds satisfied that things go smoothly for him. He doesn’t jerk-off but two to three times a week, so not TOO often, but he knows his body well enough to put on a good show for us.

He plays beautifully to the still camera as well as the video, and his orgasm is one of the most intense on the site.

Omar has had a guy suck on him when he had sex with a male/female couple, so doesn’t seem that adverse to doing more.  As of writing this though, he hasn’t committed to doing an oral.

We’ll see. He had lots of fun, and the more mature he has gotten, the less uptight he has become.

Watch Omar at

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16 comments on “OMAR Is SGT. COACH’S NEW Boyfriend (via ChaosMen)
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    Adorable…AND a bit of cum to boot! Let’s convert him Sarge! LOL

  2. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    very sexy and hot.

  3. buddy says:


  4. suckinfuck says:

    Wow…what a hot man!!!*_*

  5. MaculineFoothillsMan says:

    Remember 9-11 is all I have to say 🙁

  6. senior60 says:

    If only I could have a weekend with this hot stud.

  7. ern says:

    what a hot man great looking cock

  8. Trunzo says:

    What a beautiful man — in very way. Love that baritone voice. And that gorgeous hair-frosted body is damn near perfect. Great discovery, Coach. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Trunzo says:

    I owe you an “e”.

  10. azulmelb says:

    WTF?!! If that fuckhead MaculineFoothillsMan didn’t prove he was a racist before – he should have proved it now!

    “Remember 9-11 is all I have to say” – why? Because this dude is Middle Eastern – so all Middle Easterns are terrorists?! You fucking racist asshole.

    Guess what – when I look at Ben Godfre – he reminds me of the Oklahoma bombing because Timothy Mcveigh was white and so is Ben Godfre, meaning all whites are terrorists like Timothy McVeigh too.

    Seriously, Coach can you ban this racist stalker – he’s spreading hate and ignorance on your site!

  11. kwhottie says:

    Two words… Hot and yum!

  12. kellboi says:

    Would you share him with me Sgt coach

  13. mikepat says:

    What a looker, what a body, what a hard cock.. Could spend time with this hunk.. Regardless of what is nationality is, he is a born AMERICAN ! Terroristst? What a fucking ss hole !!

  14. Nosa says:

    Omar!!! Omar!!! Omar!!!

  15. MaculineFoothillsMan says:

    The guy from Fort Hood was American too.

  16. Trunzo says:

    I guess censorship is alive and well at Squirt.