Model Of The Day: Johnny Donovan from ‘Playgirl’

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29 comments on “Model Of The Day: Johnny Donovan from ‘Playgirl’
  1. Boorgat says:

    Absolutely Stunning!

  2. MaculineFoothillsMan says:

    You stole the words right out of my mouth Boorgat. Not quite in the leaque of BG, but definately Masculine, even if he’s shaved off every hair on his body, except for his head 😉

  3. ozdaddy says:

    You would have to be almost dead not to appreciate this
    Stunning fit smooth body Bet he breaks a lot of hearts.

  4. miloinperth says:

    Hot guy gross shaved pubes. I wish men would stop doing that.

  5. steven_Kato43 says:

    The man are very glad so he is in the naked in his bed.

  6. charlie61 says:

    He is a beauty but I agree I wish guys would quit shaving everything off

  7. Anonymous says:

    looks nice, I like shaved guys

  8. goodwillyhunting2 says:

    Wow such a nice smooth body and a cock to die for 8.5/10

  9. hotblowcmh says:

    ewwww no bush :((

  10. Anonymous says:

    he really isnt that hot…he defo has great body, hot cock (would be better with trimmed pubes).. there is something about a guy that is completely shaved that is NOT masculine or manly (too twinkish for my liking)…i wish men would be more manly and stop this shaving thing.. GROSS…yes, grooming is essential but shaving it all off is a bit much…that is just my taste…i like my men to look like men seeing that i am attracted to men and not boys!!!!

  11. bi4bj says:

    Hot Body, I too think he would be 10x sexier with a bit more pit and pube fuzz!!!

  12. sicilianmikey says:

    Cute guy. But a turn off being bald all over. Trim tight is fine, it keeps it cleaner/dryer etc. But that’s gross.

  13. Captain_Swallow says:

    He’s not hot at all. No body hair ANYWHERE! How masculine… Wouldn’t sleep with him even if I was paid.

  14. alexgood1 says:


  15. moose6969 says:

    Fucken awesome, awesome arse, perfect pecs, and absolutely awesome abs, cute cock.

  16. tsab says:

    One beautiful man!!!!! Would suck him 4 hours and swallow everthing he could give!!!!

  17. Hairyalex says:

    and he’s from Playgirl……………I wonder if the women mind about the shaved pubes ?

  18. jake1224 says:

    WOW! ! ! This guy is hot as all get out. Love the smooth cock and balls. Bring them on. I would love to suck him dry.

  19. marcxx says:

    He has a gorgeous arse. Most men nowadays focus on their upper body and forget about anything below their waste line. You then get these men who have bigger tits than most women, but no arse and stick legs. He has a beautifully proportioned body.

  20. mikepat says:

    I just wish that men, real men, would not shave their bodys, If they want to be like they was when they was 12 years old that is a different story, but if the want to be real men, then let it alone.
    This giy is very attractive except that he is shaved, all over,taking away his manleyness !!!

  21. carlsan says:

    All around spectacular. I’ll do everything he wants!

  22. lurker86 says:

    shaved pubes? How juvenile, tho maybe that is what women who read playgirl are looking for. Wouldn’t know.
    I wonder what this guy really looks like when his body hair and pubes are not trimmed like a girl.

  23. hairychicago says:

    If you like guys who look like 10 year old boys, then I guess you like this guy. Doesn’t do a damn thing for me.

  24. hotforyouanytime says:

    I’m with the majority. The shaving ruins everything. Being bi I don’t want to see either a 10 year old guy OR a ten year old girl.

  25. Tristanpc says:

    You can’t please everyone indeed. If it is too hairy, people complain; if it shaved, people complain. I don’t think anyone is more or less of a “man” just because he shaves their pubs. It takes a lot of “manhood” to shave their parts and face such criticism. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It certainly ticks many of my boxes.

  26. Trunzo says:

    Whether it’s shaving, tattooing, circumcising or any other variation on the natural appearance of men, it’s up to each guy to decide what’s best for him. Like it or not, the rest of us need to respect his decisions regarding his own body. Don’t like it? Look at someone else. Don’t have a picture to share? Don’t be critical.

  27. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    very hot body and nice big cock.

  28. AYA says:

    Trunzo said it best.

    Do I consider myself a real man? 100%! I adore my testosterone, my muscles, my cock and balls – you know – the stuff that REALLY makes you a man.

    however, my sensitive skin gets very aggitated by body hair, so I trim, nair, shave etc. to make me comfortable in my own skin. I don’t feel it makes me less of a man, and I don’t look down on any man who does similarly – be it for comfort, preference, or to attract others.

    Why are people so dead set on insisting upon body hair being ‘masculine’ when it’s just as common on women? If a woman lets her ‘natural’ body hair grow out (Not just the kootchie hair, I’m talking full leg, arm, moustache, etc.), would anyone say it enhances her feminine beauty? Body hair is nothing more than vestigual organs that humans actually have very little or no use for anymore. I’d rather judge masculinity by something that is still relevant with to-day’s humankind.

  29. Anonymous says:

    bald is gross period…. again trimmed and groomed is great just dont shave it all off(again my preference..and to each their own as i sd b4) i just like my men looking like men and not boys….