Hunky Stud Action @ Chunky Punky Monkey (25 Images)


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15 comments on “Hunky Stud Action @ Chunky Punky Monkey (25 Images)
  1. buzzie1 says:

    hot pics, especially the action ones, would love to join in

  2. HotCroat says:

    L,Just 4 U Baby<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  3. Anonymous says:

    fuckin right man

  4. squirt1964 says:

    This is more like it – instead of that inane ‘Who would you choose’ stuff…;-)

  5. MaculineFoothillsMan says:

    LOL @ Squirt1964! I agree this is more like it, but sometimes the Who Would You Choose guys are Hot 🙂 A few guys here who I’d choose 😉 ( Gee, is that a Racist remark?…LOL !

  6. Anonymous says:

    maculinfoot can u not say anything without being a right cunt???? anyway the action shots are hot but for the solo pics of men #1 does it for me!!!!

  7. sicilianmikey says:

    Very hot set. Something for everyone…Well, at least for the humans here.

  8. MaculineFoothillsMan says:

    Most of these guys exhibit a laid back attitude. Reminds me of some piece of Crap you read someplace, but you’ve forgotten where and it’s not important anyway as whoever wrote it is probably the Exact opposite, but it sticks in your mind like a piece of Gum on the Bottom of your Shoe ( At least I hope it was Gum ! Was that a Dog I just saw heading around the corner?!)
    Anyway, here it is ” HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOUR DUDES! DON’T BE SO SERIOUS!” They seem to be enjoying life, and not I

  9. MaculineFoothillsMan says:

    …and not looking for Rain Clouds in Sunny Skies 🙂

  10. foro says:

    forget him guys, hes just a cunt thru and thru, just dont read his comments, theyre not worth your time.

  11. cumslave692u says:

    #4 I would spend HOURS licking up and don just the way he is!! HOT!

  12. classicand says:

    Best set yet! There is not one ass there I would not rim and not one man I would not let pound my ass as hard as he wanted, photograph it, film it, fuck me on cam, in public or anywhere else…let them all team up on me!

  13. ern says:

    great set of pictures some very nice cocks Love to suck on a few

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hey Sgt. Coach, OG Monkey here. Thanks for the reblog, But it’s HUNKY Punky Monkey and the link to my archive is

  15. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    They are very handsome and sexy