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21 comments on “CUM JUNKIES
  1. luv2bfckd says:

    I wish I was in these vids i would take as much cum down my throat from every one . Best I have taken is 4 loads one after another .. I luv sucking cock, I Luv cum and I luv being fucked deep and hard..

  2. alogun says:

    One of the hottest cumpilations I have seen, the second shooter had one of the biggest loads!!! I hope it doesn’t end up with happy face!

  3. malemasseur says:

    WOW some horney video’s.. wish i could have sucked ALL those cocks.. the most i’ve sucked in one session is 6 when I was gang banged in my 30’s

  4. kenoj1m says:

    i could be one of those cum junkies, i love to suck cock and would love to be one of them…so HOT…mmmmmmm

  5. sdtony56 says:

    Now these guys know how to swallow loads, love to be the one on my knees for these men

  6. eric0560 says:

    More please…hot vids

  7. rexregum says:

    The best way to share a man’s orgasm is to feel his cock squirting cum deep into your mouth.

    I had some luck this summer at the park’n’ride. First, a 21-year-old sucked my dick in the back of his van, and I shot all over his face. But when I sucked him, he filled my mouth and I swallowed it all.

    Then I had two sessions with a married father in his forties. He got into my car and rough-fucked my mouth, calling me a cumsucking whore, and shot repeatedly. I swallowed and milked out the last drops so he could watch me lick them off the head of his dick. Sweet and salty. Every man’s cum tastes different.

  8. suckyouoff_chicago says:

    As a cum junkie myself I can tell you that the more cum you get, the more cum you want

  9. kwhottie says:

    hot video! Love cum and would love to be a bukkake boy sometime and have a bunch of hot young guys blow their load all over me!

  10. biburbguy says:

    After watching this I really need some CUM with my coffee this morning….what a HOT collection of men that know how to take every last drop! Keep collections like this coming Coach….or is that cumming!

  11. we53227 says:

    I could swallow all that beautiful cum. I love the smell, the taste and the sight of cum. I never get tired of sucking cock and of course the reward of cum afterward on my face or deep in my throat…your choice….Milwaukee, Wisconsin case your interested.

  12. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    I love cum

  13. JaseLovesCum says:

    Definitely one of the BEST dirty shorts on here. More of these please Sgt Coach Sir !

  14. hotfacedbud says:

    There is NOTHING hotter then a BIG cock unloading a MASSIVE load all over a hot guy’s face….nothing.

  15. Yespleasex says:

    that boy in the 3rd video in the caravan got a HUGE load, i would have loved to be him!! x

  16. Cocksucker111 says:

    I am now after watching this 3 times so hungry for loads of cum.

  17. moreskin says:

    What’s with all the stupid dubbing in porn these days?

  18. JaseLovesCum says:

    It looks dirtier on film.

  19. insideleg says:

    there is no better way to a man’s heart than his cock off loading down your throat!

  20. JTx says:

    Mmmmm must go out and find some cock and cum to swallow

  21. secretbibottom says:

    That’s as hot a video a cock worshipper like me can watch! Would love to have been on the end of all that cum… can’t beat a nicely aimed stream of thick cum splashing my face and on my tongue.