Who Would You Choose?

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13 comments on “Who Would You Choose?
  1. arouzed4u says:

    Unfortunately neither.

  2. omanisucker says:

    same as arouzed4u says would not be interested in anyone of them.

  3. joshadelaide says:

    mr on the right 😉

  4. butterbean says:

    I wouldn’t kick either one out of bed except to do it on the floor. If I have to choose I’d take the guy on the right…

  5. deeptongue says:

    Fortunately both!!

  6. msuper says:

    The guy on the right is hot!Beautiful smile! Other guyt just a bit much muscles!

  7. Angelliano says:

    I have a hot thing for muscles so my man is on left but the right guy is perfectly welcome to join us.

  8. gaysexhunter says:

    I like the guy on the left with those bulging muscles!

  9. Darkroad1 says:

    why would you leave either behind, both for different reasons.

  10. 4beards says:

    let’s see … probably AHHH neither … for obvious reasons … the guy on the right has ‘cheesy hair’ and the guy on the left is wearing ‘cheesy panties’ both have hot ‘man’ bodies, but girly accessories! … and that belly button?? but being the slut i am, i would probably pick both!

  11. kellboi says:

    just love those briefs and muscles

  12. Jamie9066 says:

    Please may both of them be prepared to put up with little old me and just enjoy themselves (I should be so lucky!!)

  13. sdtony56 says:

    The Guy on the right is the only choice for me, He has it all, and not to much Muscle, but just enough. WOOOOOOOOF