One of my all-time favorite porn stars is Hank Hightower. I think, he was the best gay porn actor of the 90s. When he started his career in 1993 his type of man… butch, hairy and bearish, was very rare. He is so sexy and his fucking is so intensive and beautiful to watch (still). He made more than 100 films over the years, sometimes he was the only reason to see it. And what I love so much, he was so sexy sweating… when he fucks. His adorable body is always glistening in sweat, dripping down his back into his hairy ass crack. He made films for many studios, mostly for Forum and the bear films of Catalina. His last film was in from 2003. He´s 47 years old now, he should really make a porn comeback for studios with grown men like Pantheon Productions or Butch Dixon. So, dear Hank, please come back !!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    put sum hot guys on, da

  2. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    NOt bad

  3. Anonymous says:

    damn he used to be my FAVOURITE porn star
    all furry
    soooo HOT
    and he topped and BOTTOMED
    spent many nights jerkin off to his vidoes when i was a teen

  4. sqwert6 says:

    Whatever happend to hunky sexy Hank?

  5. behairy says:

    Hank was a sexy, naturally hairy star,in a shaved down decade, that often was in leather or bear films. Who can forget him with Tom Katt? Since he just quit a few years ago, his vids are easy to find. If you want some more stills, go to “Fuck Yeah Hank Hightower” on Tumblr. Some sexy studs are just timeless.

  6. bronskierie says:

    Hightower was always one of my faves and still is. There have been a rare fewe, if any, that compare o him. He should make a comeback!

  7. sdtony56 says:

    This guy does nothing for me at all, he just tries so hard to be Butch, but loses it, with his voice

  8. Anonymous says:

    The guy he’s with in the second clip is HOT HOT hOT! Maybe I’m out of touch but anyone know who he is? He sort of steals the scene for me (Sorry Hank, great looking body too but the other guy just gets my vote.) Off to get a tissue to wipe up the sticky mess now 😉

  9. giving says:

    Wow!!!, now there’s a man. Hot and sexy.

  10. behrwpg says:

    WOW!!! Very Hot Man!!!

  11. deafblind46 says:

    Really hot sex and be sage.i love the bear men.

  12. 1biguy67 says:

    This guy was in the first gay pron video I ever saw. I’ve watched that scene over and over and it’s still one of my favorites. I agree he should make a comeback (or cumback).

  13. 063015 says:

    Just OK…small dick, can’t keep it up and looks like he being killed when someone fucks him…

  14. rubikon says:

    wow coach… I must say, I’m a little let down by what you’ve done. I wanted to look for more info on Hank here, and I stumbled upon this blog post from last year:

    just copied and pasted the entry… didn’t even change up the writing a bit. what a shame

  15. Anonymous says:

    Once had the opportunity to eat that ass – I DIDN’T pass it up!
    One sexy man!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been buried in many a hairy cracks and his was one of the tastiest and finest. I can truly say that I would love to have that man waiting for me at home everyday. Sexy in or out of clothes, but a true slut out of clothes that enjoys his time in bed or anywhere!

  17. Anonymous says:

    my apologies coach, I had not originally seen the link to that blog. Did not mean to be an ass, I’m just not a fan of people who copy + paste without linking. I appreciate the response and I want to apologize again for accusing you of plagiarism.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The past ? Not for some of us.. A terrific fucker

  19. Anonymous says:

    True — Hightower stood out because his “type” was not “in” at the time. Which makes his success in the business all the more remarkable. As for his voice not living up to the expectations of his appearance, I’ll submit that Rudolph Valentino — one of the hottest stars of all time — did not make the transition from silent films to talkies for the same reason, so Hank’s in good company.

  20. azswaggaboi69 says:

    I would love to call Hank Hightower Daddy, because not does he deserve
    it, but he would make a great husband for me. 🙂

  21. domenic says:

    Now thats Wat u Call a Hairy Hunk
    Cor Wat i Wudnt do To Him ……….!*