Model: [ Alex Minsky ]
Undies: [ N2N Bodywear ]

Photographer: Gabriel Gastelum (Facebook)

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45 comments on “Because You LOVE Him… MORE PICS of SEXY ALEX MINSKY!
  1. webbo3 says:

    Hot guy….shame theres no nudes…looks like he got a cute bum

  2. senior60 says:

    Has a nice body, to bad he ruined it with those tattos

  3. JckKohl says:

    He’s hot and especially as someone with a prosthetic leg it is admirable and hot. But I wanted to see a cock! So don’t show him again if he won’t show his hot cock.

  4. culturalinfidel says:

    He does have an awesome body—and his cock does look like its a nice one–but I agree with Senior—-the guy went a bit overboard with all the tats and they do, in my view—take away from how hot he could look. I do like some tatts—-but man–he simply has way too many of them.

  5. garyaz says:

    what a beautiful man, truly a thousand watt smile, I only wish one of those tattoos was my name.

  6. tysexy16 says:

    So sexy! Love everything about him including all of his tatts

  7. sicilianmikey says:

    How many times does the ink have to be explained? GAWD…some Queens just NEVER STFU! It’s a lot, but it works for him. For me, c’mon baby…time to show the goods! My hope for him, God willing science develops and someday they can grow replacement limbs.

  8. sdtony56 says:

    He is Perfect in My Eyes, I love a Man like him for a husband, wooooof

  9. ace12359 says:

    Each tattoo is a tribute to a fallen buddy in the war. I think they are beautiful on him. Like one of you would turn him down, tatts or not LOL…sheesh…

  10. Captain_Swallow says:

    Ugh… Can’t stand all the tattoos on this guy – especially given the colours and all the flowers… reminds me of my grandma’s sofa.

  11. Captain_Swallow says:

    I “understand the ink”. I just don’t like it. Not something I, and a lot of other men, find attractive.

  12. awishnik says:

    what a gorgeous man love him as he is. We all have different opinions which is healthy, how many guys would kick him out of bed because of his tatts, if they were lucky enough to have him there in the first place? 🙂

  13. scunnyphil says:

    He has such a beautiful face and I love the tatts. Wish he’d get his meat and two veg out though

  14. sean_107 says:

    I wish the people bitching about the tattoos would give it a rest. You don’t like guys with tats,we’ve read your 12,000 comments about it. Do you think this hurts the guys chances of getting laid? Hell no. You know what I do when I don’t like some pictures,I just say to myself,he’s not my type and keep it moving. I don’t keep bringing it up with every post about how he’s not my type. Please do us all a favor and stop the bitching and moaning.

  15. jovan_love says:

    Smile Body and bulge All hot

  16. airlieguy says:

    wow those pecs are so hot he can leave both shoes under my bed

  17. Bashyacta says:

    I find him deeply unattractive. And a tiny package. Not for me

  18. deafblind46 says:

    He like to show his underwear to the men .

  19. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    Having legs or no legs, He is the hottest man on earth.

  20. mygeye says:

    OMG ! horny or what !! get that man in my bed right now…….

  21. fly says:

    wow he is one of the hottest men on earth.

  22. 28025guy says:

    The man has a great smile and lots of courage to be here. Turns me on and gets my admiration.

  23. BigDave1955 says:

    So garyaz, you wish one of those tattoos was your name? You realize that all those names are of war buddies of his who died, right?

  24. mcaction says:

    The guy looks well fit, handsome and sexy. Unfortunately no nude pix at all (how sad) Anyway, some pix have already been features on this site. Would appreciate to show some famous faces “NOW and THEN” theme…
    Much appreciated doing so… cheers Team…

  25. giving says:

    As someone with tats I can appreciate why he has so many. I find him soooo sexy and such a good looking man. Cheers.

  26. Anonymous says:

    way too many tatoos

  27. confidentcrip says:

    Further proof that Persons with Disabilities are hot too.

  28. gam1069 says:

    Normally guys with a lot of tattoos are not my type. But he is very hot in those well-made tattoos.

  29. cuddler55 says:

    In spite of the tatoos, I think this guy is hot! I assume this guy was hurt in Iraq or Afghanistan. If so he is a fucking hero. I would consider it a privilege to service him.

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. zumba1 says:

    nice smile – no nudes no thanks!!! nudes please

    I have a few tattoos but too many does spoil a lovely body

  32. hairychicago says:

    Don’t love him. Don’t like him. Wouldn’t it be easier if he just wallpapered himself.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Dude has the hottest smile EVER..!! Really hate it when the queens start baying for cock shots.. he’s totally damn hot without flashing his nads.. why do gay men feel the need to pressure guys into showing cock all the time???

  34. hairburner says:

    So very young and beautiful, I would give him everything in the world, Fuck off you others, you just don’t get it, lets face it there are those that are just not on earth and it seems we have a few on this site… For this man to stand with a smile and let me see him in the raw, God love you and go on baby you will always have my heart and love for your loss that you suffered in life, mmm mm

  35. behairy says:

    Alex is a straight model only. The beautiful naked shots by Michael Stokes that were posted Apr3 are as close as you’ll get with a hand over his junk. Doing full frontal would derail his growing modelling career by making him seem less serious in being professional. He knows that he’s a gay icon now and is cool with that. Enough of the underwear shots clearly outline his package and it doesn’t leave much to the imagination. For the sniping about looking small, the majority of men are ‘growers’, so you’re just missing out on a lot of hot and hung guys because your other brain is well… small. These pics are for print advertising, not porn. Friends who are models allow you can fluff to a point, but no more. Many publishers would reject the ads if they’re too suggestive. Remember the controversy over the rather mild A&F ads. Besides, not seeing everything let’s your imagination wander…

  36. Countryguy8 says:

    Well put sean_107, this man is beautiful inside and out, tattoos or no tattoos. I am glad he isn’t nude. I can appreciate a mans body without looking at his penis. I would feel honored to just shake his hand.

  37. easgke11 says:

    Enough of the TATS, way overdone for a straight or gay man. Get someother gay men. This is a gay site I think

  38. tippybaby1 says:

    NICE Body Nice smile but many tats for me.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Enough of this guy OMG

  40. AJ_Bottom2 says:

    Such a beautiful man with a fascinating story to tell. Sadly, 40 years from now when the ink in all those tats runs & bleeds, and he has stopped working out letting his skin sag, he may wish he had been a little less enthusiastic and exuberant with them.

  41. lovesunct says:

    Hot man shame about the tats!

  42. 62IJIKIHS says:


  43. buzzie1 says:

    hot, hot, hot. love guys with tattoos, too bad there were no nudes though

  44. buzzie1 says:

    in case no one else googled him, he was a Marine, lost his leg fighting for our country….. great man, great body

  45. Trunzo says:

    He’s still my hero.

    And with Memorial Day coming next Monday in the U.S., what better image to carry in our heads and hearts that day?