BENTLEY RACE: You gotta check out my new mate Drake Temple. I met Drake a couple of months ago during my brief stop off in San Francisco before flying home to Australia. Drake contacted me before I arrived in the states when he heard we were going to be passing through. He pointed me to a site that he had previously appeared on. I thought he looked okay, and I like blond hairy guys. But nothing prepared me for how hot this 27 year old guy is in real life. We met up in the foyer of my hotel and quickly headed back to my tiny room. Drake is a web designer and model in San Francisco. He only recently started getting in to doing some porn shoots for some American companies. He was a bit nervous at first stripping in front of me but soon relaxed as he got his gear off. Later during the video I found that Drake loves having his arse licked and actually got off while I tongue fucked him during his video. I hope we see a lot more of our handsome new mate getting in to porn scenes. I’d drag him back to Australia if I could.

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  1. AJwhit says:

    Fucking Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. tommybear says:

    woof love hairy bearded men

  3. pcn says:

    FUCKING PERFECT !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. CraigBora says:


  5. gayplaygay says:

    Wrap him up I’ll take him home

  6. Posty630 says:

    Now that’s a MAN! He looks like a normal everyday guy, not all fluffed up and picture perfect, just the time that you might meet just about anywhere

  7. 57mustang says:


  8. greggy says:

    wow what a guy, great forskin too very hot

  9. sweguy69 says:


  10. HAIRYPECS says:

    I usually go for darker features and hair…but this one makes my dick hard!!

  11. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    very hot and masculine.

  12. charly69 says:

    wow! something different then the porn gods we often see here. I love this ‘guy next door’ type. Cute and a hot body. Please let him appear here more!

  13. talk52 says:

    loosen up Drake, bet you have a beautiful smile to match that uncut meat..nice hairy body..

  14. mbjk1956 says:

    Damn he’s really freakin HOT

  15. Suckermycock says:

    Some of those moles look like they need some close attention!

  16. sicilianmikey says:

    He’s got the boy next door thing working for him. But the cock hood killed it for me. Sorry, like I’ve said before…for me, hoods are for Jedi.

  17. marinevetironman says:

    Love his ass and that come fuck me look in his eyes.

  18. garyaz says:

    wot a hottie!!!

  19. placentiadewd says:

    My tongue belongs in that foreskin! MMMMM

  20. dam77 says:

    What a stunning man.

  21. morefun4u says:

    wow wow wow

  22. rocketjay says:

    I’d worship at THAT Temple.

  23. Anonymous says:

    best looking uncut Ive seen in ages…..that tight foreskin is to die for

  24. caljp says:

    He’s Elder Allen from where he was equally hot.

  25. needmen says:

    Hot guy but not a fan of the “Drapes”

  26. giving says:

    I agree with Charly69, great to see a nice hairy guy, masculine and not shaved all over and a porn star. HOT MAN!!!!!

  27. sdtony56 says:

    Super hot young man, would love a romp in the hay with him any day, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  28. arseeater69 says:

    hot ass but that’s about it for me, could bury my face between his cheeks all day 🙂

  29. tackyt says:

    love the hair. the things i could do for him

  30. blowme35 says:

    oh hell yes!

  31. Hotreceiver says:

    Clean, uncut, and hot! Total package.

  32. senior60 says:

    Nice butt like to lick it and stick it

  33. homoerectus2k says:

    Wow… Hot without even trying so hard.

  34. Niner_0five says:

    Nice Farmboy looks, a sweet Bubble butt & a big Uncut Dick. What’s not to like?
    For those who aren’t into Uncut, YEA!! more for the rest of us.

  35. moreskin says:

    Fuck foreskinophobia.