SEAN CODY: Check out sexy tan Porter. He claims to be an exhibitionist who’s had sex on the beach and in an elevator. One thing we know for sure if he has no problem whipping his cock out in the backseat of the car 🙂 He also professes that if your going to give him a good blowjob there has to be plenty of hands and tongue and you need to focus on the head of his cock with maybe a finger in his ass.

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  1. billybutt2 says:

    hubba hubba zing zing he has everything

  2. bananajoe says:

    Too Much Shavin’… for that nice of a body.

  3. yorkregion1961 says:

    My God he is perfect I want him

  4. airlieguy says:

    fuck yeah he is my kind of guy 20 out of 10 blow him every day
    but met a guy yesterday who pushes all my buttons

  5. mbjk1956 says:

    Handsome and great body

  6. sicilianmikey says:

    I’d make sure to give him all the attention he’d need!!!

  7. morefun4u says:

    I wouldn’t say no

  8. davewesley says:

    yup id want it 🙂

  9. deepinu2nite says:

    five star

  10. loveman50 says:

    Yes Porter is the man from his great smile, good looks all the was down his smooth body to his hot cock and balls. Would love to have him around for a long while.

  11. down_to_earth_man says:

    An absolute 10

  12. blacktshirt says:

    his cock is the perfect size … pity about his tan, it’s overdone, maybe fake …

  13. arthur12 says:

    a bit young for me but he sure is a hottie

  14. 57mustang says:


  15. canoeman says:

    Another very hot young guy!

  16. folga469 says:

    WOW…. A very hot stud indeed, maybe just a little fake n’bake, but all good. Would love to be able to read what his heart beat tattoo has to say… Other than that, he’s 10++++ on my list. Can leave his shoes under my bed, anytime. YUUUUUMMMMM

  17. nightowl24 says:

    Wow he’s fantastic…

  18. cartp2 says:

    You’ve all said it, Porter’s a 10/10 for me as well, like the really hot guy next door! =)

  19. jake61177 says:

    very nice,love to play with him.

  20. Trunzo says:

    I love a man who tans in the nude. Then again, a farmer’s tan can be pretty sexy ….

    The EKG tat says “Just Live.” Pretty clever.

  21. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says:

    very hot with nice tanned hard muscled body and fat cock.

  22. smooth4hairy says:

    The man has truly excellent balls. What a nut sack! Now that’s what I want to find when I’m ready to lick and slurp on a pair.