Who Would You Choose?

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7 comments on “Who Would You Choose?
  1. suckyouoff_chicago says:

    It’s very rare that I go for the blonde, and this is no exception. The brunette please!

  2. forcemetoswallow says:

    at 1st glance i tought it was was Nate n Josh of Waterloo Road.

  3. JadeC says:

    the brunette is from the real world… i forget his name though…

  4. Trunzo says:

    The guy on the right. Hairy blonds are SO hot.

  5. PenisRider04 says:

    thats dustin from the real world! but i would rather ride the blonde!

  6. sjbict says:

    One on the left, no question.

  7. markptbo says:

    Can I squeeze into the centre?