Zach & Shay


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8 comments on “Zach & Shay
  1. alwaysonthebrain says:

    That was !@#$%^& HOT!!!!

  2. kellboi says:

    Just great gay sex and could feel the love there between the two

  3. Java92 says:

    wow, u ppl must be horny fuckers cause that shit was horrible

  4. iehairybear says:

    I really enjoyed watching two me who were so into one another. They spent time with each other not watching the director or camera man. HOT.

  5. horneyss says:

    best ive seen….so into each other made my heart skip

  6. laredfish says:

    very hot. they look like a couple of brokeback mountain look a likes doing it for real.

  7. stockytrucker says:

    just a totally beautiful piece of work!

  8. chiperoo says:

    loved that!!!! beautiful!