“We are BENT, adult shop for men and you can find us HERE. We have super sexy underwear, swim and gym wear plus a MASSIVE collection of sex toys and essentials. Come and have a look and to make things even more attractive use this exclusive to Squirt voucher code SQUIRT15 and you get 15% off your order. Valid till 01 October 2015.”

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8 comments on “WE ARE (((BENT))) ADULT SHOP FOR MEN!!!
  1. behairy says:

    I wish Squirt would move these ads from here to a marketplace which could be a new revenue stream for you. Then, at least get Squirt members a decent discount. You can go online and get 25-50% off Coupons instead of 15% here. Throw in free shipping from Amazon Prime and you have a real deal. For those in SoCal, go to the factory outlet in Glendale where most things are 50% off. If they don’t have your size on the floor, work your magic and they might get it off the production line next door. C’mon Squirt, with several hundred thousand members, you should be negotiating a special deal. Retail is for Gentiles…lol!

  2. bigpa says:

    Yes, and I don’t feel this is the place for advertorial…

  3. behairy says:

    Speaking of the Andrew Christian factory in Glendale. They shoot commercials and do promos with dancers over at the full price WeHo flagship store if your into that. Otherwise Amazon.

  4. loneinme says:

    Anyone else use Firefox and the clips on these ADOBE FLASH keeps crashing no matter show short or long.

  5. behairy says:

    @loneinme; Adobe hasn’t supported Flash on mobile since Aug 2012. No security or any updates since then. So I imagine Flash on mobile is pretty buggy by now. Everything is mobile and HTML now except here. Squirt needs to update their site.

  6. tiggernbear says:

    Is there any guarantee that if I bought any of these items I would get to look like the guys who are wearing them on here? I suspect not, but one can dream I suppose!! lol

  7. acutncurved7 says:

    I can certainly relate to a name like Bent.
    Will definitely check it out. Love Singlets.

  8. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite says: