Hot Cocktale: An Anonymous Encounter


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by: mwminct – check him out on!

Several years ago, when I was just into my 20s and single, I went to a job interview. I took the bus since it was just across town, and parking would be an issue. I arrived quite early, so I walked around a bit to kill time. I sat on a bench for a few minutes, when a guy approached and sat next to me, and he started up a conversation. I was dressed in a button-down shirt and slacks that I had purchased just for the interview, and he commented on how nice I looked. Dumb old me didn’t realize he was hitting on me. I woke up to the fact when he put his arm around my shoulders and asked if I’d like to come to his place!

I was in “straight mode”, as I was going to the interview, and told him I would, but I had an appointment in a few minutes. I told him I should be done in about half an hour, and that the rest of my day was free. He said, “Maybe I’ll stop by here later, and if you’re still interested, I will be waiting…”

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I did get the job, and as I left, I saw him sitting on the bench about a block away. Nervously, I waved, and he got right up and walked toward me as I was walking toward him. When we met, he immediately put his arm around me and asked if I was still interested. I was in public, and very nervous about being seen like this, but I said, “Sure!” and just went with it. I was thinking, “Don’t be so nervous…let’s see where this goes,” but my shyness was showing, despite the fact he seemed like such a nice guy. He was so friendly (and I was so inexperienced), I wondered if he was just really friendly and not hitting on me.

We talked casually as we walked to his place a few blocks away. My new shirt was unbuttoned at the top, and I realized he appeared to be sneaking looks down my shirt, trying to catch a glimpse of my chest. I decided to push it a little and stopped walking to bend down to retie my shoe. Bending over like that let him have a good look down my slightly loose shirt, and when I looked up, I saw him smiling, and I knew what I was in for. He said, “Hey, nice view…are those real?” and I just smiled and said, “All me, all natural,” or something to that effect.

When I stood again, he immediately put his arm back around my shoulder, letting his hand droop a little lower than before. Realizing that I was still in public, I got nervous again, but let him do it. We got to his place quickly and walked up the stairs to his second-floor apartment. As soon as we were inside, he closed the door and showed me to his couch. We sat there and chatted briefly, but I could see the lust in his eyes, and it turned me on incredibly. He asked if I’d like to smoke a joint with him, to which I agreed. I knew that the weed would lower my inhibitions, as it always does, so I planned on just taking a few hits.

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His weed was pretty strong, though, and I started to feel myself going into bimbo mode with this guy I had just met. It occurred to me we hadn’t exchanged names, which kind of made it more exciting…and a little risky. But that just added to the excitement, and after a few hits, he moved close and said, “I have to confess…weed makes me a bit horny, and looking at you just makes me want to kiss you.” And he pulled my face close to his, kissing me.

My first reaction to such an abrupt move was to pull away, but he was holding me so close…I just closed my eyes and went with it. He said, “Baby, you are an incredible kisser!” and I mumbled some type of response…I was so caught up in the moment that I don’t know what I said. It didn’t seem to matter, as he kissed me again. This time, his tongue slipped between my lips and began exploring my mouth.

I felt my body relax, and he must’ve felt it too. He began running his hands all over me, starting with my back and shoulders, then slowly around to my boobs. He quickly began unbuttoning my shirt, and once it was open, began to fondle my boobs, gently squeezing them and playing with my now rock-hard nipples. I breathed in deep and let out a little sigh as he lowered his head and began teasing them with his lips, and then sucking on them in earnest as I tossed my head back and let out a little moan.

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Encouraged by this, he stood, pulling me to my feet as he said, “Follow me.” He led me to his bedroom, where he began kissing me again, and I dropped my hand to his crotch, feeling the large bulge in his pants. I was amazed at how hard he was, feeling his manhood throbbing beneath my hand. He began slowly removing my shirt, and then unbuckled my pants, and they fell to the floor. He then pulled me close, sandwiching my hands between us, and was grinding against me as his hands cupped my buttocks.

I was really turned on now, and felt like I was falling off a cliff, losing my sense of control to this man who I barely knew, and getting more and more turned on. I felt myself going into “slut mode”, as I call it…powerless to this man’s advances, as I was so drawn to the attention and lust he was giving me. This feeling was so powerful, the feeling of submission and helplessness to his lust that I was making him give me freely…and doing so just increased the feeling of my desire to please him.

I began to open his pants, and when his manhood popped out, I looked into his eyes and slowly lowered myself to my knees. He was nicely endowed, not too big, a little bigger than average, and I heard him sigh as I took him into my warm mouth. I wrapped my lips around his soft mushroom head and teased him with my tongue, making circles around his fleshy head, all while looking into his eyes, enjoying his reaction to my teasing.

He then put both hands on my head and gently but firmly pressed into me, pushing deeply into my mouth. I felt him slip into my throat, and I let him stay deep like that before backing off to take a quick breath, then taking him deep into my mouth again. He was grunting now, between telling me how good it felt and how much he wanted me.

This fed my desire to please him even more, and I began to bob my head back and forth on his cock, wanting to feel him throb and explode in my mouth. He had other ideas, though. He pulled me up to my feet and instructed me to get naked. I obeyed as he was removing what was left of his clothing. As soon as we were both naked, he came up behind me and took me in his arms, fondling my boobs from behind while grinding into my butt. I could feel his hardness, and it really pushed me over the limit… I wanted this man, this stranger, to take me and use me for his pleasure. I could feel my love hole begin to pucker as he was grinding against me. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me so that I was bent over, my face buried in his mattress.

I spread my legs wide as he placed his hands on my cheeks, spreading them wide. He then instructed me to get up onto his mattress, on all fours. He moved closer and pushed on my back again, pushing my face back into the mattress. My ass was up high in the air, and I felt so vulnerable…even more so when he spread my cheeks wide again.

“So sexy, so beautiful”, he whispered, and I trembled at the anticipation of his penetration. He began to play with my butt, cupping and spreading my full cheeks, and slapping them playfully. Suddenly I felt something wet…he was eating my sweet little hole! This really pushed me over the edge…I was like a wanton little slut, desiring nothing else but to feel him take me, penetrate me, and use me for his satisfaction.

I was moaning louder now, my body trembling with every lick of his tongue, feeling it tease and relax me in preparation for what was to come, and desperately wanting him inside of me. He continued to tease me like that, using his fingers now as well, and had managed to slip two of his fingers in me when he asked, “Do you want me? Do you want to feel my cock inside of you, baby girl?” to which I said, “Yes, yes, please, daddy…I need you so bad!”

He told me to beg, and I did so, begging him to take me, to fill me and give me his manly seed, to mark me as his. I felt him withdraw, followed by the feeling of that soft yet hard head rubbing against my wet pussy until he found the mark and began to push. I winced a little at first, feeling a slight bit of pain, and he pulled back a little, but I said, “No, please, daddy, give it to me, give it to me good, I need you,” and pushed back on him as he thrust forward.

I felt some resistance at first, then bliss, as that big head pushed into me, penetrating me. He slowly pushed straight in, all the way, filling me…and he said, “Yeah, baby, so wet and tight…you feel so good…grip that cock, baby” as I felt him begin to thrust in and out. He started slowly, moving his hips back and forth, and I could already feel the waves of pleasure building deep within me, slowly taking control of me. I wanted nothing else than to feel him thrust like that, and my mind was completely a blank to anything except raw, sexual pleasure. He must’ve sensed my desire, as he kept asking me if I liked it, to which I repeatedly said, “Yes, fuck me, daddy…fuck me deep like that…you’re so hard…you feel so good!”

He began to pick up the pace, and he began to talk dirtier, telling me what a slut I am…how I was his slut now, and he was going to fuck me like a common whore…he grabbed my wrists and held them together, thrusting harder and deeper as I moaned with pleasure. “Listen to you moan, slut…you can’t deny it, you love my cock!” It was then I had my first orgasm with him, waves of pleasure overtaking my bimbo brain, completely awash in feelings of desire for him…I was moaning loud, my body shaking quite hard as I reached the tip of the pleasure wave, which caused me to grip his powerful tool tighter.

He said, “Look at you, bitch…you are my bitch…and you’re taking every inch of my big dick!” I tried to reply, but all that came out was unintelligible moans, as I was so high on pleasure. He seemed to really like that, and just as I was approaching my second orgasm, I felt him begin to get close.

His breathing was fast and shallow, he was grunting, and I could feel his manhood throb as he pushed deeper and harder into me. I tried to hold out until he began to cum, but my body had a mind of its own, denying my control, and the second orgasm hit me powerfully, making me weak and breathless. I was just coming down from my ecstasy as he said, “Daddy’s going to cum deep in your slutty little pussy, and he’s going to fill you with his seed…take it, baby, take it deep!” This sent me right back up again, and I heard him curse and grunt as his pulsing manhood began to fill me with his sweet seed…he climaxed for quite a bit. I felt my orgasm overtake me, this time oh so quickly, and I was moaning and shaking as he took a final, hard thrust deep and finished inside of me, collapsing on me as he pumped the last of his man juice inside of my hungry pussy.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, until he got up, withdrawing himself from me. I immediately felt this sense of emptiness as he did, wanting to feel the intimate connection of our coupling longer. I would continue to feel this for quite some time, even after I had left his apartment.

I was so drained I couldn’t get up, rising only after he had left and returned with a towel, and began to clean up the copious amount of love juice that had dripped from my gaping love hole. He said, “Now, when you go home, you’ll feel my cum inside you, and it will remind you of what a dirty girl you really are.”

It certainly did. I chose to walk home (it was several blocks across town), feeling used, slutty and completely satisfied.

I had left without even knowing his name.

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