Hot Cocktale: Another City Another New Bath House


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by: Horndawg – check him out on!

I was on a rather long business trip in the Pacific Northwest – Oregon, to be specific. I looked up and found that they had a bath house. So, I decided the next weekend I would go in and give it at try. Friday rolled around and I finished up at work, ate dinner and then cleaned up myself in preparation of getting ready for the night at the bathhouse. Although I’d been to several bathhouses already, I was still nervous and got more nervous as the time approached for me to leave.

Upon arrival, I noticed a lot of cars parked on the street and I started getting excited I went in, paid my membership fee and was shown where the locker room was and the showers. This particular bathhouse was three stories and a lot of play rooms / areas to choose from. So, I went to the showers and took another shower and cleaned myself up with the hopes that night would provide me the stress relief that I needed. It didn’t take long either. To start things off, I decided to go to the glory hole wall and had several men with very talented mouths That were eager to please.

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I spent a while at the particular area and then mingled around and talked with some of the other men there. A lot were from Portland and others were from Washington and other parts of Oregon. I decided to lay ow for a while and watched some porn and watched several groups have a lot of fun. After an hour or so of watching several guys get fucked really good I decided I needed to move around and see what other fun was to be had. I went back downstairs and bought a mask and set out to find the sling room. So, I found it and there were a few guys in some of the other slings being serviced in both homes.

I climbed into one of the slings and put my face mask on and settled in. I waited for someone to come along that was interested. After a while, I felt someone touch my cock and squeeze my balls. Now, unlike a lot of other guys the harder you play with my balls the more turned on I get. Then he touched my little pink hole and then started licking me and getting me really wet. After sometime, he stopped eating me and then stuck a lubed finger in my ass. He fingered me for a while and then I got distracted because another guy joined in and rammed his cock down my throat and started fucking my mouth.

Just when I thought I was getting used to the assault on my throat I felt a lot of pressure on my ass. The guy taking my ass appeared to be rather thick and wasn’t stopping until he was in and balls deep. I didn’t know what to think as I was overwhelmed by the cock in my mouth and the cock in my ass that was not letting up. The. Both guys started getting a little sporadic in their thrusts and the next thing I know, I’ve got a load down my throat and a nice load being unloaded in my ass. As they pulled out and I took a deep breath two others took their place and were a bit rougher than the first two. While these two were tearing me apart I felt a warm mouth go down on my cock.

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As rough as they were using me, it was made so pleasurable by the warm mouth that was now edging me. As the guys unloaded their nuts my cock sucker took the place at my ass and started fucking me. He was smaller, so it felt but he had some talents and had me blowing my load within minutes while I took him over the top with me when my ass squeezed his cock during my orgasm. I started trying to get out of the sling, as I was tired and needed a break when I felt several guys grab me and put me back in the sling and this time they handcuffed me as well as blindfolded me.

After a few minutes of them touching and rubbing my body they started. Something was odd feeling. It felt like someone was under me with their cock in my ass and another guy in between my legs pushing his dick in my ass. When he popped my muscle ring I could have screamed if their friend hadn’t rammed his cock down my throat. The two fucking me we’re wearing me out and stretching me like I never thought I could be stretched. These guys were long and thick and having their way with my ass. If I can be honest their cocks both in my ass felt like heaven. I didn’t know that I’d enjoy something like that but it felt awesome, hurting like hell but awesome nonetheless.

Finally, these three guys unloaded and flooded me with their cum. I could only imagine what my ass must have looked like, it felt as though a car just drove out of it. I got out of the sling, made my way to the showers and cleaned up and then walked around for a bit. By now, the masses had left and there wasn’t as many hanging around, but there was still a good bit of guys around having fun. I looked up at the clock and noticed that it was around 3:30 am and decided to head back to my hotel.

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I was in Portland for about five months and found myself at the bathhouse almost every weekend in my favorite spot, the slings. More to come in the near future.

Thanks for taking the time to read my Cocktales.

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