Hot Cocktale: Getting My Car Serviced


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I have four hours to waste as I waited for my car to get serviced. The garage I go to is in the middle of an industrial area so I figured I would just sit in the lounge area and read my book. There are a few other people sitting waiting for their vehicles, so I take my seat and get comfortable. Before I open my book, I take a quick look around at the people waiting. A lady in her 40s was typing away on her laptop to my right, a younger guy in his 20s staring into his phone across from me and an older gentleman in his 60s to my left was watching the TV.

I went to open my book, but thought I would quickly check out squirt, as you never know there could be hot cruising area close by. I have always had a fantasy of a hot hairy mechanic wearing nothing under his coveralls.

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I open up Squirt and unfortunately the closest cruising place is 5km away. I clicked on guys near by and I’m surprised to see that there is a guy less than 1km away. His main picture is a shot of his chest in a muscle shirt. He doesn’t look to muscular, but you can see he has a nice hairy body. The rest of his pics are private, and his stats are blank. I’m curious so I unlock my pics for him and ask to see his privates. After a few minutes I get notification that his pics are unlocked. Hoping to see a face pic, he only has a full body shot with his face not shown and a close up of his cock. He has a nice hairy body with an average looking cock. I feel my cock start to stiffen.

He sends me a chat. Come to the washroom it says. My heart starts to pound, as I look around the room. Who is it? The older guy to my left is still looking up at the TV, but the younger guy across from me is gone.

I find the washroom and enter. He is standing at the urinal and by his movement I can tell he is stroking his cock. I pull my hard cock out at the urinal beside him, he smiles and licks his lips. He asks me how long before my car is ready, I tell him it will be four hours. He says his car is almost ready and we can go back to his place if I’m interested. I said sure and we put our cocks away and rush off to his place.

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We enter his apartment I bent down to take my shoes off and he say no let me. He pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants. This gorgeous hairy guy is standing in front of me in his boxers being stretched out by his hard cock. He puts his arms around me and pulls our bodies together. Gently kissing my neck and caressing my body, I feel his hard cock rubbing against mine through my jeans. He slowly unbuttons my shirt; it falls off my body. Slowly kissing my chest making his way down to my stomach and then his mouth finds my cock pressing again the inside of my jeans. While his tongue is working its wonders on my body, he managed to get my shoes untied and off. He unbuckles my belt and opens my pants and releases my cock as I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

My pants drop to the floor, he takes me to his bedroom. His boxers are now off, his hard body is pushing against mine with our cocks pushing up against our stomachs. His hairy body feels so good against mine. He pushes me down on the bed and he climbs on top of me, as we kiss, I can feel our cocks leaking precum on my stomach. He makes his way down to my cock and slowly sucks it into his mouth. I feel his tongue running up and down my shaft as one hand plays with my balls and the other on is playing with my hole. He comes up and sits on my chest so I can suck on his cock. His cock is oozing precum, the head of his cock is very hard. I run my tongue up the underside of his cock, he moans loudly. I start to suck his hard cock and play with his balls. He started to breath faster, his cock gets harder. I can feel him throbbing in my mouth as he yells oh fuck, his cock erupts and floods my mouth with his tasty cum. He pulls his dripping cock out of my mouth and before I can swallow his huge load, he is kissing me, and we share his cum.

He moves back to my cock and before long I am filling his mouth with my load. With his mouth still full of my cum and kisses me and we share my load.

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We lay exhausted on his bed caressing each other’s body. We chatted a bit and I told him about my mechanic fantasy. He says there is a mechanic, named Chuck, that works at the garage that loves to get fucked. He is also on Squirt and his profile says he is always lubed and ready to go.

We get dressed and he takes me back to the garage and drops me off. All the people that were waiting before are now gone. I just get seated, and I guy calls me up to the desk as my car is almost ready. I pay my bill and I’m told it will be a little longer. He is leaving for the day, but the mechanic will bring me my keys.

Sitting for about a half hour, I slowly see staff leaving for the day. Eventually the mechanic comes out. He is a good-looking guy in his mid 40s, dark hair, 5 o’clock shadow, and he has coveralls zipped down a bit exposing his hairy chest. He walks over to where I am sitting. I could be just imagining it, but it looks like his cock is swinging freely in his coveralls. He hands me my keys and says my car is ready and everything is all lubed up. I feel my cock hardening. He tells me he needs to show me something and I am to follow him. As we walk, he says his name is Chuck. He takes me to the back where they work on the cars. There is no one around. When he turns around his coveralls are now zipped all the way down, exposing a muscular hairy body. I was right, he wasn’t wearing anything under his overalls. He says I hear you have a fantasy about mechanics, let’s make it come true.

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