Hot Cocktale: Gym Sauna


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Popsiclepete – check him out on!

I recently joined a local gym to firm up and in all honesty hoping to find some fun.

I’d been going for a couple of months now and so far other than some fun watching other naked men in the change room and shower area I hadn’t really worked up the nerve to approach anyone sexually. This day would be different.

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I did get some vibes from a couple of guys but the timing never seemed right. I arrived at my usual time and went to a locker in a somewhat private corner. I started to undress and was down to my underwear when another gentleman about my age put his bag down on the bench beside me. He smiled at me and said “I usually use the lockers here for the privacy, and nobody bothers you here”.

I replied “yes I like that it’s away from the main area of the change room”.

He smiled again and started to undress. Then said “I’ve seen you here a lot recently are you a new member?”

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I said “yes I joined a couple of months ago now”.

He then said “are you getting everything you need from the gym?”

I said “yes as far as the equipment goes I’m getting everything I need”.

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I then slid my underwear down and stepped out of them and noticed him checking me out. He then followed suit and took his off as well not making any move to hide his nudity. I of course returned the gaze checking him out as he watched me do it. Then smiled at me and said “if you’d like to work out together let me know, I usually do a 15 minute cardio workout to warm up”.

I said “sure I do the same then we can hit the weights”.

We both slowly put our gym clothes on and headed out to the gym area. After the warm up we hit the weights and took turns spotting for each other even though neither of us were lifting heavy weights. We did a lot of chatting about random things and the hour seemed to go by quickly.

Once through our circuit he said “time to hit the showers”.

I agreed and added “I like to use the sauna as well”.

Smiling he replied “hopefully it’s not too busy”.

Off we went to the lockeroom again both stripping down to nothing and grabbing a towel. The showers are stalls with curtains for privacy. I usually leave the curtain open to allow anyone wanting a peek to be able to watch. He did the same taking the shower directly across from me. I lathered up and turned to show him my hand lathering my cock, balls then ass.

He did the same for me paying extra attention to his now stiffening cut cock. I licked my lips as he watched me watching him. His wink let me know he was interested. My cock now hard, I rinsed off and grabbed my towel and put over my shoulder making the decision to walk naked to the sauna and showing off my cock as I did. He did the same. I opened the door to let him in ahead of me. He made it a point to brush his hardness against my leg . We entered the sauna and noticed there was someone already seated. He was seated near the door and was covered by his towel. My friend and I sat further down in the far corner sitting beside each other.

The man towel spoke up and said “don’t let me cramp your fun, it’s obvious you’re both naked and sporting wood. Feel free to enjoy, I can leave if you want privacy”. I answered him and said “no reason to leave if you don’t mind if we have a little fun”.

He smiled and said “go ahead I’ll let you know if anyone is heading this way”.

I didn’t waste any time and my hand went to grip my new friends cock. He was about 6.5” thick and rock hard. I then got on the lower bench in front of him and took his cock into my mouth. As I slid down his shaft he let out a long sigh and said “fuck that feels good”.

Normally I like to take my time sucking cock but the risk of getting caught was high and I wanted his cum. He felt the urgency as well and quickly grabbed my head to make sure I couldn’t pull off. My hand cupping his balls I continued to bob up and down his shaft. The heat of the sauna and the danger of getting caught and also knowing some random guy was watching had me totally lost in the moment.

I heard the guy with the towel say “ wow I probably would’ve cum already”. To which my friend replied “I’m very close”.

I moaned with anticipation and as his breathing increased I knew he was going to explode soon.

“Oh fuck I’m coming” he said a little louder than expected. I feel his shaft tighten then feel it pump his cum into my mouth. I eagerly swallow as he continues to moan with each spasm. It seemed that I had just started and it was over. I savoured the last of his cum then pulled off his cock.

I said “thanks I really needed that”. He smiled at me and looked to the guy with the towel and said to me “I think our new friend could use one as well”. Then he said to the guy “I’ll watch the door if you’d like him to suck you off”.

The guy with the towel was definitely nervous but eventually said “ok but I cum fast”. I replied “that’s ok with me”

They changed places and the towel came off exposing a thick uncut cock. I again took him in my mouth and quickly took every inch down. I maybe went up and down his shaft 3 times when he said “I’m sorry”. Then he erupted in my mouth. I moaned in pleasure as he shot a rather large load as I swallowed every drop.

As I pulled off he apologized again and I said “trust me I don’t mind at all”.

He then proceeded to tell us he hadn’t had sex in too long but thoroughly enjoyed the blow job. I said to him “anytime you want more just let me know I really enjoy pleasing mature men”.

I then sat on the top bench as my buddy moved to reciprocate and suck me off but just as he was about to get into position the door opened and two older men came in.

I said to my friend it’s ok not to worry about it. I could see the disappointment on his face but these two newcomers didn’t seem to be interested. I got up and grabbed my towel to hit the shower again and once outside the sauna I said “you can watch me masturbate or you can come to my place it’s up to you”.

“Unfortunately I have a meeting to get to but if the invitation is open for tomorrow we can meet here”. I said “yes it’s an open invitation anytime”.

I then moved to the shower and leaving the curtain open for him to watch. I stroked my cock for him to watch. His hand played with his own cock as I increased the speed of my hand on my cock. Just as I was about to shoot another guy walked by and noticed I was masturbating and he watched as I shot my load onto the shower floor. I winked at him rinsed off and headed to the locker.

My new buddy joined me and said “that whole scene was so hot I definitely want to repeat this again”.

I said “we will and I’ll be totally honest with you I was pretty turned on when you offered that older guy my mouth instead of yours, feel free to do that again”.

The next day we both showed up at the same time and went back to my place after the workout.

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