Hot Cocktale: My Neighbor


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At first, I didn’t consider him to be sexual or attractive. He was just there, I would visit to play board games and borrow a soda once in awhile.
He’s straight. That’s that.

He’s a skinny man, I didn’t notice anything, but there would be days where I saw him chopping wood, or without his shirt.
I would consider his definition, his furry chest and stomach.
One day a few years ago it was boiling hot, and I was headed over to borrow a soda and smoke a joint.

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He called me in, asks me to grab him a soda too along the way to his room.
When I enter, he’s sitting down.
Only wearing boxers.

I hand him a soda and he turns his chair to grab it, I’m not sure if he has a semi until he starts turning back to face his computer. It jiggles and nope, he’s soft.

It’s ten inches, with a downward curve. Cut.
My jaw drops and I stand still for a few seconds too long.
I realize how I must look and snap out of it, before I take a seat I think I see him staring at me in the monitor, but then he enters a dungeon on his game and is focused.

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Later that night..

It’s around 10 pm when I get a message from my neighbor, asking if I want to grab a smoke.
I say of course, and head over.
He’s in his room, the monitors’ glow making everything visible but dim.

After we smoke, he asks me if I liked what I saw.
My throat turns to stone and drops into my stomach.

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“I’m sorry”
I say reflexively

He dons a grin that makes his eyes glow in the dark.

He stands up, stands in front of where I’m sitting and takes off his shirt. I smell warmth, cozy spice and clean skin.
“I think I might be dreaming,” I say.
I don’t realize I say it out loud until he unbuckles his pants and takes them off, along with his underwear.
It swings free from his boxers like a pendulum.

At this point my mind is gone, and I’m losing myself to the craziness of the whole situation.

I lean forward, grab his cock halfway down and lift it to my mouth. Its still pretty soft as I suck the tip, get it wet.
My mouth waters like it knows I’ll need the lube.
He faintly tastes sort of how sawdust smells, or like he was working on a truck, and pre-cum.

Halfway down his dick, it curves down.
When my mouth makes it that far, the tip and first half slide easier down my throat.
I’m choking at that mark, but he grabs my head and pushes his hips forward.

He lets out a loud moan and says “fuuuuck” as he passes I can only guess seven inches.

I can feel my throat stretching as he goes from semi to solid.
I put my hands on his thighs and start to push, I pull out maybe two inches before he rams it back in, a little deeper than before.

I start to see black clouds take over my vision and I push him off a bit harder than I intend.
He moans loudly as his cock slips out of my throat with a wet sliding sound and asks if I’m ok as I suppress the gagging.

He’s hard now, he’s more like twelve inches.

After I catch my breath, he lays down on his bed and I lean over his slick cock again, I start sucking the first half of it, that’s around where I can work a cock well.

I love how it feels so soft and slides easily into my throat, I work down on it on my own. Going passed six inches is tough, but I love the feeling of stretching my throat.

When I make it near where I stalled out last time, I grab his hand and put it on my head. I take a deep breath through my nose and relax as he pushes my head down.
There’s three or four more inches until my nose can reach his pubes, but I can’t make it.

When I pull off, I don’t gag this time. But my throat is sore and I’m coughing up pre-cum and spit.

“You wanna ride it?”
He says.

“I’ve never taken more than eight inches” I tell him.

He reaches for something and pops the top off of it, a bottle of lube.
He works the first half of his monster cock with it and squirts more onto the bottom half before tossing the lube to the side.

He asks me to show him my asshole, so I get up, take my pants and underwear off and get on my hands and knees on the bed.
He stays laying down and starts playing with my hole with his lubed up hand.
He starts with two fingers, then three, then four.
He grabs more lube and swirls his fingers back and forth inside my ass, like he’s rubbing a clit.

I convulse and my hole twitches around his fingers, but he doesn’t stop.
I moan and curl into a ball, then I push my ass out and arch my back.

He pulls his fingers out slowly, wipes them off on a towel I didn’t see earlier.

He props himself behind me and sets his cock head on my asshole, it slides in and holds there as my ass relaxes and grips onto his cock, twitching and ready.

I don’t ask him anything, he doesn’t say anything, he leans forward slowly. It takes alot of time, he fucks me with the first six inches of his twelve inch monster for ten minutes or more before grabbing more lube and squirting it into my open hole. It’s cold, but he slides in quickly after.

He’s reading me like a magazine, pushes in just enough. Stretching me out patiently.
Gauging my moaning and the way my legs cover in goose bumps.

I feel his thighs press against mine long before I feel his groin pressed against my ass cheeks.

It feels like a cramp I have in my stomach, my legs start to shake uncontrollably and he tells me to slowly lay flat on my stomach, I stretch one leg first and lower it, feeling his cock pull out slightly as I shift my other leg. We lower ourselves slowly but soon I’m laying flat and relaxing more.

He pressed against me, balls deep. I feel his furry crotch, stomach and chest pressed against my ass and back. He relaxes on top of me and whispers in my ear “I haven’t had someone take it this deep for years”

I shiver and lift my ass slightly, making his cock go a few centimeters deeper.
He moans, and I hear him say “I can’t help it anymore, I’m sorry if this hurts”

He starts to hump my ass with little motions, it feels uncomfortable. I feel queasy.
He slowly pulls out three inches, and slides it in faster.
I feel my ass bounce as he pulls out quicker, and slams in again.
I had braced my self for pain, but by the third or fourth pump he starts to get into a rhythm as the deeper part of my intestine gets lubed from the motion and his precum, it feels like a mix of pain and a sliding tickling sensation.

I’m suddenly rock hard and the noises escaping my throat are involuntary.
Augh, Ough, Ah, Ah, Huuu. Sharp intakes of breath and quivering make up my inhales.

I’m along for the ride at this point as I can’t move with his motions or even speak, all I can do is moan.
I start to pre-cum and the motions of him fucking me into the bed, rub my cock against the now slick sheet.

I feel my brain go fuzzy at this point and everything blurs, I have no idea how long he was fucking me for. I’m sweating, he’s sweating on me, I smell musk and feel wet chest hair rubbing against my back.
I’m wondering what the bulging feeling is in my stomach is until I remember his cock is fucking huge and pressing against my insides.

I feel his balls slide up my ass and press against my hole, I feel his cock pulse inside of me and the bloating feeling grows to the point it feels like I’m going to explode.
I start to cum hard against the sheets, each surge pushing my ass up onto his rock solid cock, pumping load after load deep inside.

I feel myself blacking out but I hold on.
I clutch the sheet like it’s keeping me from falling off the grand canyon.

I feel him pulling out slowly, each inch relieving the pressure is like feeling cold air on my body after a long hot day. I get goose bumps all over.

My heart is pounding. I’m covered in sweat.
And as he pulls out the last four inches quickly, I moan and hear a slight pop before feeling his cum spill over my sore hole.
He’s keeping my cheeks spread to watch my gaping ass close up slowly, pushing more and more of his cum out.

He tells me to push it out actively, and when I do I can feel half a cup of cum running down my balls onto the bed. The wet bubbling sound makes him say “ooooh, fuck yeah”
Before he slaps my ass and lays beside me.

I need to sleep all night and halfway through the day before I wake up. It takes me a whole week to fully recover.

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