Hot Cocktale: Sharing a Bed


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Back in the 80s, I worked for a company that would send us out to conferences throughout the year.

Being as it was the 80s, most gays weren’t out like they are now, and I was one of them, as I kept my private life private.

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I was lucky to have three gorgeous female roommates that could have been models, that
knew I was gay, and they were fine with it, which made it easier for me.

When it came to office functions, I would take one of my roommates, and it made all the guys envious, so as far as my coworkers were concerned, I was very straight.

For the last three years, James and I have always gone to the company’s yearly conference, and we had worked together for five years, and he was a bit of a gossip, so I made sure not to tell him too much about myself.

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The company would put us up in separate rooms, and I looked forward to the evenings when I could go hang out at the gay club and hopefully bring someone back to my room for a good time.

I usually stopped having sex and jerking off two weeks before we went, so I was good and horny on arrival.

As the conference was only a six-hour drive away, James and I would go in one car, usually after work, then we would have a day to relax before the conference began.

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It was James’ turn to do the driving, and about two hours into our drive, his car started to act up and eventually his car died.

We weren’t far from a small town and AAA came quickly, though it was 7pm and the local garage had already closed for the day.

The tow truck driver told us there is a small motel not far away, and we could get a room for the night. We did get the last room in this tiny motel, but it only had a double bed.

We picked up a pizza and a dozen beer and got settled in our room, which wasn’t very fancy, with a bed, soft chair, a desk with an office chair and TV.

James flips the TV on and turned it to the football game, and said we might as well get comfortable as he watched the game and cracked open his second beer.

By comfortable, he meant sitting in his underwear, eating pizza, and downing beer.

He told me to get comfortable, too, and sit in my underwear, but little did he know, I don’t wear underwear, but I guessed I had better fess up.

I told him I thought I’d better keep my pants on, as I don’t wear underwear.

He looks at me and said, “well, I’m sharing a bed with you, so you better not be rubbing your bare ass up against me in the night.”

We both laughed, and I knew he was joking around.

I had never seen James with his shirt off before, he had a nice body, with a Hairy chest, not muscular, but very trim, and was wearing white fruit of the looms and filled them out very nicely too, so I’m sure he kept his wife very satisfied.

By the time the game ended, we managed to polish off the dozen beers and the pizza, and feeling no pain, I go to the bathroom to pee, and by the time I come out James was already in bed, passed out.

He took the side of the bed closest to the bathroom, laying on top of the covers in his underwear, looking so sexy, that I felt myself start to chub up looking at him, I was so horny.

I had to get him out of my mind and just get to sleep, so I undressed and crawled under the covers, hard as a rock, and I eventually drifted off to sleep.

I woke up in the night, my cock was rock hard and I had to pee badly.

James was sound asleep laying on his side facing the bathroom, I headed to the bathroom with my rock-hard cock leading the way.

Feeling some relief, I come out of the bathroom, James was still facing the bathroom.

I paused and stared at his hot body, he is so sexy laying there fast asleep, and my cock was still rock hard, so I took my cock in my hand and give it a few tugs, it felt so good.

Just a few more tugs, and I was sure I would spray my load all over James, but I stopped and just got back in bed to drift off to sleep again.

A few hours later I was awoken by a warm, comfortable feeling behind me, and it was James, now under the covers, spooning me with his arm over me and his hand on my chest.

It felt so good to have him snuggle up behind me, and my cock was rock hard again.

Was I just imagining it because I was so horny, or are his fingers working my nipples?

Fuck, it felt so good, but what the fuck was going on? And after a few minutes of James working my nipple, his hand slowly made its way down my chest and onto my stomach.

Then his hand slowly continued down, gently caressing as it found its way to my rock-hard cock.

He slowly slid his hand up and down my shaft, then I felt his finger circling my cock head and spreading my pre-cum all over the head of my cock.

James shifted his body, and I felt his hard cock pushing through his underwear against my ass, and I just wanted to push my ass toward his cock and take him in.

I was scared and excited all at the same time, but I chose just to lay there and pretend I was asleep.

His hand kept sliding up and down my cock, using my pre-cum as lube, and I could feel a burning in my groin, as James picked up his pace, and I couldn’t hold it any longer.

I felt my cock start to erupt, his hand covered in my cum as he continued to work my cock.

He gently let go of my cock and rolled over onto his back, but I didn’t move and pretended I was still asleep, then I heard him lick his fingers to clean my cum off, as I drifted back to sleep again.

I woke up at 8am, and I heard the shower going.

James was already up, so I got up out of bed and quickly dressed and waited for my turn in the bathroom.

Outside the bathroom door was James’ underwear, and I couldn’t resist waking a sniff.

But instead of getting a sniff, they are covered in his fresh cum, and my tongue went to work to clean them up.

He tasted so good, I wished I could have had his cum directly from the source.

James eventually came out of the bathroom fully dressed, and I took my turn.

His car was fixed, and we continued our drive.

We chatted about regular things, but no mention of what happened in the night.

I often wondered if this was just a one-off for him, or was he just very closeted.

For the next two years that we worked together, nothing about that night was ever said, but I eventually moved away, and we never ran into each other again.

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