Hot Cocktale: Surprise Double Team


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BumBoyCanberra – check him out on!

I had been advertising for a couple of days and was starting to give up hope. I’m a submissive bi bottom and like nothing better than bottoming for anonymous tops who just want to lose a load – a bit like a glory hole. The thrill for me comes from guys cumming in or on me.

Suddenly, my chat pinged on Squirt. It was a visiting top, looking for a release and after chatting back and forth a little I agreed that I would leave the front door unlocked and the house darkened. I would be in the spare bedroom, naked, blindfolded and on my knees in about 30 minutes. I was only half joking when I said, ‘Bring a friend.’

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As the time approached I was dressed only in a jockstrap and blindfold, with porn playing on my laptop in the spare room. I heard the crunch of tires in the gravel driveway and placed the blindfold over my eyes so I couldn’t see a thing. I was on my hands and knees, facing away from the door so when he came in the room, my puckering anus would be winking at him. Clean, lubed and ready for action.

Next I heard the front door open and close softly and I waited silently for his first touch. I heard him come in the room and take his trousers off – who knows if he still wore a shirt. Was he young? Old? What was his race?

All I knew was that he was circumcised because his picture on Squirt showed his glorious dick and all of a sudden I felt the warmth of that dick pressing between my butt cheeks as he ran his hands up my back. His hands were strong and calloused – a man who worked with his hands. He gently massaged my shoulders and pushed his groin against my ass, then he moved back, grabbed my hips and thrust a tongue deep in my anus.

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I groaned involuntarily as utter joy filled me, emanating in waves from my anus as his tongue worked its magic.

After a few minutes of ecstasy, he stopped, spanked me playfully a couple of times (how I wish it was harder!) and then pushed his cockhead against my hole. I didn’t think he was wearing a condom – you can usually feel the difference to start with – and then he pushed all the way in. God it felt good. Full and good. I could feel the stretch – a little discomfort but no real pain – I was well lubed.

As this stranger stood there with his cock deep inside me and his balls touching mine, I felt someone else climb on the bed. Two guys! Brilliant!

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He shuffled around and positioned himself so I could suck his cock. Again I had no idea who he was or anything about him but he tasted nice. Circumcised and not too big. A slight bend to the left and hairless. My friend from behind was now working hard, thrusting in and out in a regular rhythm. All the way in and most of the way out. I tried to replicate the rhythm with the cock in my mouth but couldn’t really – I wanted to give this second stranger some work with my tongue, and from the moans he seemed to be enjoying that too. Both were rock hard and I began to wonder if they would both cum at the same time? How good would that be!

The sweat was beginning to drip from me as I worked the cock in my mouth and the driving jackhammer behind me was starting to lose rhythm when with a grunt he came. He was as deep as can be and held me still so I could feel his cock pulse. I don’t know how much he came but it felt like it lasted minutes. I didn’t know what to concentrate on as the cock in my mouth also came not in big spurts, more of a seeping dribble but boy was it a lot!

We all rested for a moment and I could feel both cocks soften. Then, in unison, they pulled out. I stayed where I was with cum dribbling down my leg and heard them both dress. As they left, one tapped me on the bum and said, “thanks mate”, and then I heard the front door shut and they were gone. Who they were, I have no idea but I hope they come back soon.

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