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Celebrate #SpringBreak with HOT Frat Guy Porn

Gay Frat Porn Orgy

We’re continuing our #SpringBreak celebration with more hot college guys. What’s hotter than a guy with a masculine demeanour, a bad attitude, and big muscles? Nothing. That’s what. Frat dudes are a special breed of man. They’re sexy without trying

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College Guys Get Dick in Their Dorms #SpringBreak

Gay College Dorm Porn

This week is spring break for a lot of colleges and university, so we figure there’s no better time to bust out some hot college jocks, some tall university twinks, and some sexy hung students. All week we’ll be featuring

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Happy #ThrowbackThursday

Gay 80s Porn

It’s that time of the week again, when hump day has passed you by and Friday is doing a sexy strip tease from one calendar square away. More importantly, it’s time for another sizzling instalment of #ThrowbackThursday (or #TBT, as

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The 5 Types of Valentine’s Day You Could Have

Valentine's Day Gay Porn

Valentine’s Day is surrounded by a lot of hype. If you have a significant other then you are expected to buy the gifts, do the gestures, and get the flowers. If you don’t, then you have a few more options. You

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5 Reasons Fuck Buddies are Better than Boyfriends

Fuck Buddies Gay Porn

Today is National Make a Friend Day, but don’t make just any kind of friend; make a new friend with benefits. Fuck buddies represent the best of both worlds. You get the casual component of traditional friendships, mixed with the

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Have a Hot ‘N Horny #ThrowBackThursday

After getting so much positive feedback from last week’s #TBT post, we thought we’d hit you again with another collection of hot pictures from the past. The last edition was full of some older black and white shots so this

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Hans Berlin is our #ManCrushMonday

Hans Berlin Gay Porn

This muscular stud was born in Germany, but an acting program took him to New York. In 2012 he made his porn debut and we can’t get enough of him since! Maybe it’s his beautiful uncut cock, his bubble butt,

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EXCLUSIVE: A Revealing Interview With Aspiring Star Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter Gay Porn

With a toned body, a thick cock, and a signature coiffed and scruff look, it’s no wonder that Jack Hunter is making waves in the porn industry. He is only two years into his career, but he’s already got group

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throwback porn

Happy #ThrowbackThursday! Today we’re bringing porn back to the good ol’ days. Get ready for the hottest collection of retro hot and horny guys! Warning: sexy body and facial hair ahead! 1. It looks like something has caught this hot

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The 12 Dicks You’ll See in 2017 #YearOfTheCock

Happy Chinese New Year! We’re pretty excited to ring in the Year of the Rooster, or as we prefer to call it – the Year of the Cock. This year will be full of hookups, especially if you’re making good

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