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A Raunchy Interview with Rogan Richards

Rogan Richards Interview

When you think of a dominant, muscular top, there’s a good chance that someone like Rogan Richards comes to mind. He’s got massive muscles, a handsome face, and a gorgeous cock. Plus, he radiates self-confidence. He’s hot, he knows it,

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It’s #MotivationMonday. Check out this Muscle!

Gay Gym Porn

Usually we make Mondays all about our #MCM, but today we’re switching things up. No one pops out of the womb a sexy piece of man meat. Well, maybe some people are naturally gifted. But for most of us it

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#ThrowbackThursday Gets Wet

Gay Vintage Pool Porn

This week we’re giving #TBT a splash of something new. You could say we’re riding a new wave. We’ve been surfing the net, and we’ve put together a collection of pictures worth squirting over. That’s right – we’re getting wet

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Antonio Miracle is our #ManCrushMonday

Antonio Miracle

When you picture a hot porn star, what do you imagine? Chances are he’s handsome, he’s muscular, he has a beautiful cock, and he probably looks amazing in a harness. Now what if you throw in musical talent? The result

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St Paddy’s Weekend Continues with Sexy Gingers

Leander Sucking Cock

St Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be restricted to 24 hours. When it falls on a Friday, why not make a weekend out of it? To keep the party going, we thought we’d take a moment to appreciate another Irish symbol: gingers!

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Happy St Patrick’s Day

St Pattys Day

St Patrick’s Day is dedicated to a missionary who converted a great deal of Ireland to Christianity back in the 5th century. Today, it’s more focused on celebrating Irish culture. That and a lot of drinking. Plenty of college students, notably frat

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Plan Your Next Sexy Gaycation

Gay Sex Vacation

It’s March, and if you live in a country that is just getting to the end of winter, you might be thinking about getting away from it all. You need to just escape the lingering cold for something more exciting.

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Controversy Over Priests Getting On Their Knees

Gay Porn Priests Scandal

Big news has been coming from Italy, as accusations fly regarding the behaviour of priests in several parishes of the church. These allegations lead Pope Francis to speak out, advising those practicing catholicism, as well as those teaching it, to

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Sexy Retro Trends That Need to Come Back #ThrowbackThursday

throwback thursday

Over the past few months we’ve been dedicating Thursdays to journeys back through porn history, pulling up the steamiest, sexiest shoots we could find. After looking through the echoes of cumshots past, we realized there are a lot of things

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What’s the Male Version of Lingerie?

Gay Male Lingerie

Women have tons of sexy clothing at their disposal, but men don’t seem to have the same options. In straight relationships, women do all the work getting dolled up, while straight men often laze around in their boxer briefs. That’s

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