25 PICS of HOT MEN for you.

Posted by SGT. COACH on Sunday Jul 31, 2011 Under Horny Men

747 Responses to “25 PICS of HOT MEN for you.”

  1. mradventure Says:

    Mr coach has done it again super hot pics, the very hot monk love it more of him mmmm

  2. AYA Says:

    6 – that shirt is so tight I can see veins. HOT! The things I’d do to that hot muscle boy.

    7 – what a cutie!

    8 – Love the light misting of wetness on his chest.

    9 – I’ve always wanted to be double penetrated. Looks so hot.

    23 – thick cum <3

    24 – I'd love to trade places with that bottom, or at least fit into the equation somehow.

    25 – I love the look on the bottom's face. his cock is pretty darn hot too. Threesome, please?

  3. galwaywestguy Says:

    Wow De monk an de guy in de navy underpants do it for me Beaut

  4. jackyottawa Says:

    I love bears, but I was hoping to see a couple more twinks :(

  5. deeptongue Says:

    Anyone ever seen TRIPLE penetration? Is it possible? Always luv doubles…(not talkin’ tennis here…)

  6. truebrit Says:

    1, 6, 7, 12 and 22 are the ones I want. Just loves me some twink face and ass

  7. brawnbear Says:

    Wow… the dirty monk in the hay.. what an absolutely stunning photograph.. great work by the photog.

  8. jorge69 Says:

    The monk in the hay – what a religious experience that would be. And the dude coming in his mouth must have really needed a shot of protein. Cum to think of it, so do I.

  9. SammyDean Says:

    Sixth from the top – white t-shirt roll up to expose abs, shorts slightly pulled down to expose ass crack and those arms that could… well they could! Dear Jesus, I think I cam in my jeans!

  10. cumtomeallover Says:


  11. klondie Says:

    UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…………can’t you just send them all to my address?

  12. bestcoachdaddy Says:

    I always wanted to double dick a guy. Hope I do so before I die.