Who Would You Choose? Red or Green?

Posted by SGT. COACH on Sunday Jul 31, 2011 Under Who Would You Choose

1,219 Responses to “Who Would You Choose? Red or Green?”

  1. hornycamboy19 Says:

    I want the red guy! He looks like the perfect teddy bear!

  2. garc1a Says:

    Green looks like a good time.

  3. globetrotter45 Says:

    Not an easy choice, but Green is a go for me! Like the fur! And a devilish grin

  4. omahajay Says:

    I’d go with Red. He looks so darned snuggly and is clearly a “man of action” (as he’s snapping the photo).

  5. rob1213 Says:

    the guy in green is hot!

  6. Italiancocktostuffu Says:

    Id fuck them both!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    can i be in the middle fo them both? WOOF

  8. Dallas__guy Says:

    I want red – he looks like a top!

  9. Dallas__guy Says:

    I want green – he looks like a bottom!

  10. homoerectus2k Says:

    Definitely GREEN…. but I wouldn’t kick RED out of bed and if they’re willing to mix it up a bit…..

  11. drystan Says:

    red… yup

  12. onlysex Says:

    I would do both but if I have to choose it would be green.

  13. morefun4u Says:

    green 4 me

  14. bi4bj Says:


  15. sixinajock Says:

    Green, cos green is for GO.

  16. passas Says:


  17. g121s Says:

    GREEN…and we’d go all the way non stop :-)

  18. alexgood1 Says:

    i like green 2 fuck me HARD and RED 2 fuck me tender, sucha teddy bear

  19. loveabearuk Says:

    It’s another vote for…..Green

  20. hotrimmer81 Says:

    Definitely green for me! Woof!

  21. sicilianmikey Says:

    Green. Beautiful full lips and gorgeous eyes. Green looks like a romantic. Quick fuck is great but there can be so much more!

  22. AceofClubsDivgr Says:

    Red and Green, every day is Christmas. I’d like to open them both up.

  23. alan34563456 Says:

    Can we mix them both together to make a sort of browny colour – no probs if you’re colour blind anyways

  24. totalbottom1 Says:

    Much prefer “Green” (but only if he’s a Top) . .

    Are they related ? I see a family resemblance.

  25. pokemyarsehole Says:

    Already been fucked by the one in green, so I think I will bend over for the one in red. Just hope his cock is big as the one in green.

  26. sharpfo Says:

    Yes it’s green for me

  27. squirtboy2 Says:

    anyone know who those 2 are?

  28. cumhungy Says:

    Oh Green for me….any day

  29. lukenostrings Says:

    both and together

  30. 527christopher Says:

    Green definitely!! He’s hot as hell.

  31. luukas Says:

    Definitely Green!

  32. Serenit Says:

    The green and the red at the same time!

  33. ddftop Says:

    the guy in green is so damn fuckable that I can’t see past him…is there some one else in the picture?

  34. suckinfuck Says:

    Ooh, they are so cute, I want them both man.

  35. msuper Says:

    Go green! Or go home!

  36. chuck30281 Says:


  37. disneyboi Says:


  38. waron Says:

    definately green

  39. Jamie9066 Says:

    Fuck it – I am prepared to bet they’d rather get it on with each other.

  40. DarkGreymon2 Says:

    They are friends of mine on Bruizr. They are actually a couple.

  41. JusMe Says:

    Definitely Mr. Green… sexy eyes

  42. JaseLovesCum Says:

    Red or dead

  43. longinches88 Says:


  44. jimgood Says:

    definately RED!!!!!

  45. 69Josh Says: