2,145 Responses to ““Hey guy… while you’re down there, take a lick of my cock… then suck it deep.””

  1. moose6969 Says:

    I would love to do a lot more with that cock than just lick and suck

  2. SicilianMikey Says:

    Lick it, suck it, fuck it, worship it!

  3. scorpiotexas69 Says:

    O MY ……………..

  4. big2sid Says:

    WOW very nice – almost nice to see some pubic hair and unshaved balls and cock but still prefer them shaved and trimmed!

  5. MaculineFoothillsMan Says:

    OMG…is that…Oh F*ck……PUS…dripping from his cock?!!! OMFG !!! :-(

  6. baybubba Says:

    Glad to oblige!!

  7. michaelovescock Says:

    PWOAR!!! YUMM 😉

  8. manjocky Says:

    Wow and the blue trousers really makes what is already a Beautiful piece of manhood a Gorgeous site 2 C “WALLA”

  9. jake1224 Says:


  10. dubdubdub Says:

    Eh… no thanks. Ew!

  11. meissen Says:

    No thanks. Its not my kind of cock to touch.

  12. ricopuertan Says:

    get comfortable and slow-fuck my juicy mouth, dude – for hours! talk to me as i look up with your meat in my throat! then, when you really can’t take any mouth of sliding between my hot lips. pull out and jack-jizz into my face and open mouth….

  13. HotBlowCMH Says:

    Great cock and bush .. don’t you DARE shave that !

  14. mikepat Says:

    My pleasure

  15. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite Says:

    nice and hot