Cute Young Things via SOMETHING ABOUT MEN (60 images)

Posted by SGT. COACH on Tuesday Feb 28, 2012 Under Horny Men


22 Responses to “Cute Young Things via SOMETHING ABOUT MEN (60 images)”

  1. jake1224 Says:

    WOW! ! ! ! Love every last one of them.

  2. sicilianmikey Says:

    What a stunning, adorable, & breathtaking collection. Some literally took my breath away!

  3. monny27 Says:

    Well done, this is what I like to see and wank over, great cum back :)

  4. avev Says:

    can we see some more of chris evans?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    We’d fuck them all except for the bearded red head with the pierced nips and boner,we’d do whatever he wanted YUM !

  6. charlie61 Says:

    What a wonderful selection of beautiful young men. Loved all some more than others, but all were very hot

  7. RJae Says:

    Mouth watering Hotness ;P

  8. littleboiblu91 Says:

    Some of the sweetest most gorgeous looking men and boys ive seen on here. Good job squirt…..keeps me cumming back for more time n time again

  9. bpdonz Says:

    I LOVE THE GINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. CockBoy08 Says:

    Check out the balls on the last one! yes please.

  11. senior60 Says:

    Fantasic love to rim all those hot holes swallow loads from those cocks

  12. skippy22 Says:

    Almost got it up for the hot furry ginger, then I noticed the awful tatts and odd nipple rings. Didnt really care for anyone else after the first pic.

  13. MaculineFoothillsMan Says:

    You have the Absolute BEST EYE in the Business Coach !!! And skippy speaks for all of us I’m sure ( well, me for sure..LOL !) After the first pic, everyone else was just shades of Gray. Nobody can compare to BG :-)

  14. ibstrokin4u Says:

    WOW…what a display of men to drool over…oh to be young and hung, and some VERY cute ones too. Great job Coach

  15. 69Josh Says:

    amazing…one of the best collections ever. Loved all the foreskin

  16. skinswallower Says:

    right nice bunch of skintips. most are too young for my tastes but, always a joy to see …tks, Sarge …

  17. dutch1959 Says:

    Lovely, simply lovely. Would have a hellova time choosing, I guess I’ll just have to try them all. They sure made my dick hard. Dutch

  18. angusangus Says:

    mmm… No2 (cock falling out of shorts on bar)… 😛

  19. suckinfuck Says:

    WOW…fuckin hot pics…I want to suck all of them off!!!*_*

  20. mikepat Says:

    something about 6 really is a turner on

  21. naughtydude Says:


  22. Anonymous Says:

    the GINGER takes the cake Ben is always good to look at but boring sometimes bc it is a common look he has!! not taking away from his good looks i just think he is something we see all the time!! the GINGER is proper man with a unique look. So in saying that ben Godfre and the GINGER are the only 2 on thr that is worth looking at…the rest of them are too is like looking at a bunch children…GROSS! BUT to each their own just not my cuppa..REAL MEN is what it is about not boys… for this dude at least!