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Perfect Bum. That Is All…

Posted by SGT. COACH on Tuesday Apr 3, 2012 Under ASS IS LOVE

17 Responses to “Perfect Bum. That Is All…”

  1. Prez21 Says:

    HOT! Where do I find one of these?

  2. dreamlover18ca Says:

    It would be perfect if my cock was in there.

  3. jerbear49 Says:

    Sgt Coach…beautiful ass…can you buy that on Ebay?

  4. deeptongue Says:

    Sweet mother of the word “divine”!!!!!!

  5. largemember69 Says:

    hottest ass I’ve ever seen, it would be even more sexy with my cock up in there…i need that ass

  6. sabrina Says:

    No nooooo mine is the best ;) xxxx

  7. sbbilly Says:

    Beautiful! Would make a nice pillow to rest both my heads on or in.

  8. littleboiblu91 Says:

    Cant say I’ve seen anything quite that nice for some time

  9. sicilianmikey Says:

    And some have all….

  10. moose6969 Says:

    Perfect pair, absolutely AWESOME, would love to have those two cheeks separated, with my tongue in his tight little hole, LOVELY

  11. bitter69uk Says:

    Fucking hell, it sure is. Perfect everything, in fact.

  12. 1jaxoff Says:

    Damn, my tongue just got hard….

  13. jake61177 Says:

    nice ass

  14. jack1971 Says:

    what I would not do to bury my face in that.yum.

  15. kwhottie Says:


  16. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite Says:

    very nice hot bubble butt. I like men with big bubble butt,

  17. Trunzo Says:

    This guy has a great ass, but so does Sean Lamont. Tough to choose ….