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17 Responses to “Hairy Sweaty Smelly Men’s Armpits @ errr… (((Hairy Sweaty Smelly Men’s Armpits)))! (Over 30 pics)”

  1. billy_shears Says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMMM love those hairy pits. Always try to check out a guys armpits whenever I can:-)

  2. behrwpg Says:

    MMMMMMMMM! I agree love those pits. Love to suck and lick them.

  3. subcub47 Says:

    MMMMMMMMMMMMMM love me some hiary armpits the raunchy the better suck them clean .

  4. deafblind46 Says:

    Really good hairy men.I wants the men with his hairy for sex.

  5. charly69 Says:

    Total turn-on! Prefer the trimmed ones though.

  6. sicilianmikey Says:

    While this is a personal fetish, the overly trimmed kill the fun! They should be hairy for such a set. Don’t get me wrong, there are some WWE wrestlers I’d go to town eating their bald pits but for your average guy or model type, stop over trimming. Shaping them up or making it less a jungle is cool if you’re heavy on sweating/odor but otherwise, chill. You’re men, not pre teens! Some were hot though. Felt my cock jump a few times. Wasn’t all bad. :)

  7. gra Says:

    Luv under arm hair – really turns me on. Great set of pics.

  8. bbcock4ass Says:

    Could lick any of those sweaty pits all day long. Yum.

  9. jake61177 Says:

    very nice would play with them all day long.

  10. amlo1952 Says:

    Always enjoy making a pit stop.

  11. CuteSexyPetitePrettyTransvestite Says:

    Some of them are very hot and sexy.

  12. whipper69 Says:

    mmmm I love the smell of a man…
    great menu guys…thanks.

  13. cfopoof Says:

    Still have fond and naughty memories of playing with a construction worker guy at the local video-store booths once years back: The guy was in somewhat dirty gear, Carhartt’s jeans, shirt and jacket, and had a manly slightly-ripe pits smell to him…..I was SO turned on by this man that I turned off the movie in the booth in order to concentrate only on him!!!!! He made me shoot right down his throat, long and hard!!!

  14. baselister Says:

    I want the redhead’s lucky charms, mmmmmm

  15. d_of_dc Says:

    Hairy pits, hairy potatoes, hairy pineapples. Yes.

  16. suckyouoff_chicago Says:

    I can get lost in a set of hairy arm pits and am especially fond of the area between the arm pit and the nipple. I love linking the two together through oral worship

  17. Trunzo Says:

    Like I’ve always said, if you’re a man who can love (or at least appreciate) another man’s hairy, sweaty armpits, then you’re gay.