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Jerking Off On The Bus.

Posted by SGT. COACH on Friday May 27, 2011 Under DIRTY SHORTS, PUBLIC SEX

14 Responses to “Jerking Off On The Bus.”

  1. cok_suker77 Says:

    Nice. Wish I had been on that bus ;-p

  2. stockytrucker Says:

    might be on a bus…judging by the curtains a European bus…and the fact the camera pans no one else…I’d say an empty bus except for the driver

  3. sdtony56 Says:

    What a fuckin waste, I’d have helped him out instead of just filming it, like taking that whole load down my throat. ummmmmmmmm

  4. maleficum Says:

    I’d guess it being a scottish bus, it’s a celtic football top lol

  5. mikepat Says:

    Wish I had a buck for everytime I had sex in public. Parks, air planes,cars,in bars, like sucking a guy off while driving, at swimming pool, in rest rooms, on patios, on buses,trains,on ships, every place that is available, I have done it !

  6. coolbop Says:

    i,m pretty sure that is a national express bus and if i am ever the driver cum to the front and wank so i can watch and join in

  7. kossh Says:

    Nice. Really wanted to see what he did with all that cum – rubbed it in, licked it up, just pulled his pants over it…