Posted by SGT. COACH on Thursday Jun 30, 2011 Under Mega Dirty Pics

Hey dudes… Sgt. Coach is taking a much needed vacation… so there will be fewer daily posts than usual.
But I will be back on July 5th with TONS more HOT Dudes & porn. It’s only 6 days.
Daily Squirt has TONS of archive images to salivate over.
Be strong dudenheimers… be strong.

48 Responses to “SGT. COACH is in NYC!”

  1. nvr2dp Says:

    OMG!!… Don’t tell me this is you…’YUM!!”

  2. slideitonin Says:

    wow id do anything to jump on that an ride it all night…very nice SGT.

  3. SammyDean Says:

    AWESOME is not really the word to justify it’s glory. I don’t care to be split open but sure would enjoy some dedicated cock worship time. Either lay back or sit in a chair… I just want to be in front of you between your legs in total bliss!

  4. suckyouoff_chicago Says:

    Safe travels and have fun!!

  5. suckinfuck Says:

    Ooh wee S.C. I want to suck your sweet dick baby!!! Enjoy your vac. dude.

  6. shavedsoldier Says:

    I’m in NYC – SGT Coach I have some vacations spots you need to visit with that tool (and with about six of your buddies too). – DAMN!

  7. cumtomeallover Says:

    Needs a fast Car to go with it… .O)

  8. Trunzo Says:

    Have a great time, Coach. You’ve earned your time away, many times over. We’ll survive, but we’ll miss you like hell. We’re lucky to have you!

  9. chiperoo Says:

    I miss you already. Give your little friend a hug for me!!

  10. usemyholes69 Says:

    Thanks Coach for all that you do for us – would love to showmy gratitude by servicing that monster cock of yours!
    Have a great time in NYC

  11. mikepat Says:

    been enjoying your pictures for a long time, still NO popups..
    Would enjoy some time with that soda can dude..Bet he can throw a wild fuck