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Hey dudes… Sgt. Coach is taking a much needed vacation… so there will be fewer daily posts than usual.
But I will be back on July 5th with TONS more HOT Dudes & porn. It’s only 6 days.
Daily Squirt has TONS of archive images to salivate over.
Be strong dudenheimers… be strong.

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  1. AWESOME is not really the word to justify it’s glory. I don’t care to be split open but sure would enjoy some dedicated cock worship time. Either lay back or sit in a chair… I just want to be in front of you between your legs in total bliss!

  2. I’m in NYC – SGT Coach I have some vacations spots you need to visit with that tool (and with about six of your buddies too). – DAMN!

  3. Have a great time, Coach. You’ve earned your time away, many times over. We’ll survive, but we’ll miss you like hell. We’re lucky to have you!

  4. Thanks Coach for all that you do for us – would love to showmy gratitude by servicing that monster cock of yours!
    Have a great time in NYC

  5. been enjoying your pictures for a long time, still NO popups..
    Would enjoy some time with that soda can dude..Bet he can throw a wild fuck

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