Tommy Defendi Leads 6-Man Orgy In Golden Gate 5: THE COVER UP! (via The Sword)


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THE SWORD: I have some news on next week’s Golden Gate finale coming up, but first, we have to talk about this week’s episode. This week’s episode of Golden Gate takes a break from the political action at the nudist rally to focus on something equally important: A 6-man orgy led by Tommy Defendi.

This is Tommy’s third time appearing in Golden Gate, and he’s now been in more episodes than anyone else. Joining him are Leo Forte, Damien Stone, Blake Daniels, Danimal, Logan Vaughn, and Logan Vaughn’s insane bubble butt.

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Golden Gate season 5: The Cover Up Episode 3 A nudity rally may be good for politics, but it’s a terrible place to get laid. Why not ditch the rally and go to a place where nudity is legal…very legal. NakedSword’s blockbuster Golden Gate series continues this week with a story straight from the sick mind of Leo Forte. After locking eyes with porn star Tommy Defendi in the Castro, protestor Logan Vaughn follows him to the Nob Hill for a hosted circle jerk. But when Logan shows up, the circle widens — and quickly explodes! Tommy fucks Logan as the gang — guest stars Leo Forte, Damien Stone, Blake Daniels, Danimal — go wild and cover him in cum. We don’t think Supervisor Cox would approve — but we don’t really care! T his is San Francisco, after all!

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  1. Orgies are the best! Especially when Tommy’s leading. Wish I could be the ‘center of attention’, lol

  2. Why fantasize about it…just go to one of the legendary Nob Hill Theatre circle jerks. Check their website for which porn star is headlining or their local talent is pretty hot too. When the show starts, just strip down as much as you want and join the growing group and stroke away. Surprising how fast your inhibitions disappear and nice way to check out the locals. Take your new bud(s) downstairs to the arcade to continue the fun…Oh Yeah!

  3. The crabs crawling all over them are more interesting than the boring bodies hosting the little critters. Boring, just like the majority of these comments from above:

    – “DAMN!!!! He can have me any way he wants anytime! Prolly not for you though L86! LOLOLO”
    – “Damn…I have a birthday coming up. Having a few guys like this would definitely make it good.”
    -“What alley do I have to walk down to get gang-raped by that hot group?”
    – “Wish I could be the ‘center of attention’, lol”

    Same old, same old. You are waiting for someone to DO THESE THINGS TO YOU. Ur at home, sitting-pretty, watching WHEEL until it starts raining men because you are conditioned to be passive and wait for mediocre things to befall you rather than take the initiative to start an orgy, make a movie, get in shape, make real money, get what you want.. rather than wait around placidly hoping and wishing like a quasi-woman.

    To all of you who still know how to enjoy music, I recommend Dusty Springfield’s “Wishing and Hoping”. That should be your creed, not, I’ll sit sit here judgmentally until a man comes along and asks me to stop being a mean-girl, wall flower.

  4. Gee Lurker – prattling on about yourself again? This site is not your journal. We can all see that you are sick and need help. Hope you are seeing a doctor.

  5. That’s right, this is a place for people to post their reactions to the pics. You can only react to me, you Pavlovian, picture free coward. You need to get your borderline personality under control.

  6. So many of the porn stars featured here are readily available to any of us. Many of my clients are household names, so the gay/bi ones use me to arrange their playtime. I’ve worked with Tommy twice and he is easy to work with as are most escorts. Tommy is available on RentBoy L.A.
    I travel a lot for business, so one trip took me to Tampa. I always loved those Tyler Saint(Trace Michaels) “Got Rub” videos, so I called Trace off his website to book him for my own version. We agreed for him to come to my hotel for 90 min for $180. He shows up Wednesday night with his bud Adam that is in some of his vids…this just became a twofer and a party! We had drinks for a half hour, then they set up and we all stripped down. Only then did the meter start running. First hour on the table, second on the king size bed..the extra 30 min was free as we all got into the action. I was like the feature guy in one of his porn films with two hot muscle bears working me over…WOOF!! We did everything we could imagine and then some. When I upgraded the room for free, I got one with a double shower, so we all showered off together as well…more hot fun. Then we had a nightcap and they left. They were there for 3 hours for $240 including tip. What a bargain! That’s no worse than a concert or theater tickets and so fucking hot by comparison! So stop wanking at the screen and indulge yourself with the real thing occasionally. Life’s too short..get off couch and live it! FUCK YEAH!

  7. The fouth one down where he leans thayt lovely frame against the wall and the enormous male organ is erect and readt to take or give.
    Please let me be next!!

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