18 Pics of HOT Brazilian Model Rodiney Santiago… That Is All…


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  1. What a gorgeous man……as for those wanting to see dick……sometimes less is more…..love the pics

  2. Give me strength oh Lord Jesus Christ… Wow, what I couldn’t do with this Hunka Hunka Burning Love ! Love a Muscleman !!!

  3. Woulda liked to see some dick & bush too, and yes, the body hair sure beats that roast turkey (shaved) look.

  4. Sometimes using your imagination and fantasising is more erotic than seeing all he has to offer in one go!

  5. Not interested just because Mr. Santiago doesn’t show dick? C’mon — this man would still be gorgeous in a parka and sweatpants. Give the guy a break — look at him! And unless you’re in stellar shape yourself, stop being so picky and just enjoy this masculine perfection for what it is. Besides, a little mystery can be a very sexy thing.

  6. Beautiful I prefer the unshaved pictures but that is just me. Truthfully I think anyone would like to get him in their mouth even without knowing how big it may be

  7. I prefer the naturally hairy Rodney. Would I have loved to see him without the pants, absolutely! But he is still a beautiful man! He can come take a nap in my bed anytime, no matter what size is hiding in those briefs!

  8. He looks like a 50 peso guy. Nothing Madonna would Drag to her bed, but I’m sure he appeals to the scavengers who pick up her rejects, or Most of the guys on here, who wouldn’t know what to do with him anyway, because they only have make believe sex 🙁

  9. So speaks the critic from “Real Life”, brave expert on “50 peso guys” and “make believe sex.”

    If he weren’t so HOT he’d be pitiful in his manic little “Real Life.”

  10. Assuming you can believe his written, unverified word that he is one of the blessed Hot guys in the “Real Life.”

  11. Hey, maculinefoothillsman – You gettin’ any? It’s been a long LONG time since I read a single positive quote from you, man. Hope you find a way to get sweet again, buddy, because this negativity is a downer. In the meantime, can we get the model to take off that first suit? I’d like to try it on.

  12. He is a very hot young man and when you listen to him speak with his accent or man! Enjoyed seeing him and Reichen together on the A List New York! Would like to see more but what we are shown is hot!

  13. He IS hot..dressed or undressed..leaves a lot to the imagination and hopes. Woiuld be more than happy to find out more with my tongue and ass…

  14. MAN I love him all plucked and shaved, so pretty. And damn fucking hot hairy too. Either way he is a beautiful man.

  15. I prefer the natural look on a man. With that said though this is a very hot man. Each of course has their own likes, why we have menues. As for masculinefoothillsman, my folks always said if you don’t have something good to say say nothing at all. There is enough negativity in this world without adding to it. This is a site for enjoyment and as I said each has their own likes.

  16. Considering the guys I have to step over, I assure you, my choices are more than I can keep up with. the ones that aren’t worth my time, I either Kick to the Gutter, or have them clean the bottom of my shoes with their tongue, before I walk all over them. The rest I take their phone numbers, and go from there. What about yourself jackpapa?

  17. yer i like him with the hair/natural as well!!!! and he is hot….masculinefoothillsman why are u so negative all the tim?? the only time u ever have anything positive to say is when it is a pic of Ben….i am sure he wouldnt want to be around u bc u r so negative!!! go get laid dude and sort that shit out & pls come back with a more positive attitude!

  18. Yes SIR ! I’ve seen the light. Thank you Master No Pics. For you I will change my attitude pronto. You’re the kind of Man I respect and who will disipline me Verbally when I over step my musings. Thank you 🙁

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