9 Gifs… Count’em… 9


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  1. I have to tackle these:

    1 – Oh yes, love that feeling of being rimmed. Love his reaction.

    2 – I know that if a guy did that too long, the results would be…unpleasant, but just a few seconds of ruthless throat fucking is amazing. Total domination!

    3 – Smooth-ish armpits are still lickable! Bet it tastes good.

    4 – I’ve always loved it when cum flows like piss. It doesn’t drip, doesn’t leak, doesn’t even shoot, just flows continuous and heavy, coating you until it’s all spent.

    5 – of course, that way is good too. Those two boys are SO hot as well!

    6 – Bad boy! you eat that rope up and enjoy it.

    7 – haven’t yet enjoyed sharing a cock with another, but this is a lovely close-up and has me starving to try it.

    8 – young Brent and his then-boyfriend. Hot seeing him be a bottom!

    9 – Kissin’ and fuckin’ does it get any better?

  2. OH god this is Heaven! love the 2 mouths sharing cock! and hows the intense look on the cutie fucking his boi, love his throbbin cocktube! yummy.

  3. Today’s Squirt is brought to you by the Number 9… geez, Even with my fantasies about Ernie and Bert, after school tv was never this good..

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