Who Would You Choose?


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Mr. Tongue (L), Mr. Ankle Boxers (Middle) or Mr. Choke Chain (R)?

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  1. Choke Chain and I would NOT choke on any part of him as I licked him from HEAD to toe back to HEAD.

  2. Mr Choke Chain for sure….though would not turn away advances from the others to join in our fun!

  3. Really. Yeah they are hot….. but…

    I am looking at two gay men naked (middle and left) and thier legs. Choke and Ankle had a red-brown-orange spots their legs this pic. Do u see them on pic? Listen me. They might have possible HIV+++++. Dont play with them. U will get AIDS…

  4. MMM well all 3 would be great but if we had to choose 1 then it has to be Mr Sexy looking in the middle fit body, looks, and could spend many a hour/day pleasing him..Boxer shorts round your ankles your HOT..Mmmmm xxxx

  5. Mr. Ankle Boxers and Mr. Choke Chain, but 2 choose 1, it’ll b definitely Mr. Ankle Boxers ALL THE WAY. He’s FUCKIN’ HOTTTTTT ;P

  6. If I had to choose it would be Mr. Ankle Boxers. Love the hairy legs, nice teasure trail and good body. He looks like he would be fun.

  7. Mr. Boxer-Shorts, hands down…or up…whatever. The photographer should have used a fluffer for this shot or there won’t be any.

  8. Well, there’s not a hard cock in the room, And if you look near Mr. Tongue’s feet, it’s clear that this photo has been altered in some inexplicable way. So, I’d like to think I’d say none of the above. But, in reality, I’d give it up any/all of them that got hard.

  9. They are all three so hot and look as if thet would be a fun group for play. Mr. Choker Chain is a big beefy guy that that pushes a lot of buttoms but Mr. Boxers in the middle is what I crave…

  10. Certainly the Angle Boxers and the reason is the way he is holding his cock as if he is offering it and see the right guy who is looking at the boxers cock as if he desperately wants it.

  11. Re. Meet_Up_Soon’s observation re the HIV+ “bruises” on the two guys — I think they’re just pressure points from where they crossed their legs. And re. trancendntl’s comment on the “altered” photo, that’s blocked-out information that Sgt. Coach (or the source of the photo) has deleted for whatever reason (Coach knows best!). Obviously a quick job (the patch doesn’t quite match the floor — nice try, though) — too bad the poor guy’s foot got cut off in the process.

  12. Well… among the all “Who Would You Choose Contenders”, Mr. Ankle Boxers would be the real CONTENDER of all for me 🙂

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