Jae Gorgeous is our #ManCrushMonday

Happy #ManCrushMonday! The perfect day to celebrate the hottest guys on the web. This week we came across tattooed stud Jae Gorgeous on Twitter and just had to share his sexy photos with you. He’s got beautiful art across his body, an unforgettable ass, and a handsome face. Don’t believe us? Check out the pics and video below:

1. Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the sexiest of them all? Jae. That’s who.


2. Roses are red, violets are blue, you want Jae’s tattoos all over you.


3. He’s a hot lay from top to bottom.


4. And we know he likes to bottom

5. A lot.

6. They say it takes two to tango…


7. But we think he’s hot just on his own too.


8. He’s always getting caught with his pants down.


9.  Or with a cock in his mouth.

10. And he always comes through in bed, right to the finish.


Would you top or bottom for Jae Gorgeous? Leave a comment down below.

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24 comments on “Jae Gorgeous is our #ManCrushMonday
  1. pmaul says:

    The 69 was the only pic I liked.

  2. namdlo says:

    Way too young for me ……. and …. too much ink!
    Yes, I know, I’m showing my age!

  3. jaari says:

    nyet to both

  4. countryboyric says:

    Don’t quite know where to start but not for me

  5. Squirtstick says:

    Seriously?! Jae Gorgeous? Who names themselves “gorgeous? That ALONE is a huge turnoff for me. If I look the word up in the dictionary I’m pretty sure I’m not going to find his picture next to it. Seriously “Jae” change the last name. It’s just stupid.

  6. bananajoe says:

    If you really want to be “Gorgeous”, don’t cover-up gorgeous skin with artificial ink!

  7. joeynmtgy8 says:

    The ink is way too much (unless he’s also a member of the yakuza) but what really kills it for me is that absurd pencil-thin mustache. Either grow a full one or keep the upper lip clean. (It works for some guys, but it doesn’t work for this guy.)

  8. BearStar4U2 says:

    Oh No ! Here we go again ! Some more ”excessive tattooed ” guys !
    If the good Lord had wanted us to have our skin covered in INK, we all
    would have been born that way ! One or two small to medium sized Tats are OK
    but NOT when the entire arm(s) or upper torsos are covered in INK from the
    neck down ! My opinion,nothing else !

  9. rodman47 says:

    All much too young for this polar bear, but they can still have fun as cubbies. Someday they’ll be old bears, and the tatts will just whither with age. It’s a shame! My body was hot once too, now it’s just withered and worn out, but no tatts to make it worse.

  10. SicilianMikey says:

    Just no…..

  11. cockwrapper says:

    OMG, I want in that tight raw ass and that raw boner in me all night long till we are cummed out.just my type,fucking hot !

  12. wantyrload says:

    OMG I would fuck them both. Love the ink on those hot young bodies/

  13. Topdog73 says:

    He has a nice thick uncut dick…but that’s about all I’m feeling about jae…he is not a bad looking 👦…the artwork is a little excessive and all over the place but looks good…he’s a little too on the slim side for me too…I’ll take the beefy, sexy alex with the stupid man bun on his head lol

  14. spiritman says:

    what a tired old collection of responses from whinging “mature ” queens stuck in their stale old timezone !!!
    come on guys…..open your minds and your hearts…. if you had any inkling of what appreciation of “other ” was,, you would be open to appreciate the beauty in these pics….. one does not have to personally like something to appreciate its intrinsic beauty or value. This is what some young guys are doing, its a new era, it will always be a new era

  15. DAVEWESLEY says:

    love the guy with the tata .. not arsed about em .. hes fit wiv a great big cock .. and no beard or fur .. do for me yum

  16. alohaman25 says:

    Boy…. I feel sorry for him for wasting all that good money on skin art…… mainly because when he gets older, and he will if he is lucky, he will look awful with it all hanging down like an oil painting left out in the sun.

    There is way too much, it distract one from the human body and natural beauty…. even if he was my type, which he is not.

    I look so forward to when this verrrrrrry long “Fad / Phase” will end with the gay community….

  17. blacktshirt says:

    “beautiful art” on his body? what crap … it’s hideous … and he looks androgenous …vile …

  18. o2cool says:

    Way too much ink….total turn off.

  19. dv8cpl_au says:

    . . . aahh it’s a no from me too. And the excess idiot ink is just part of the reason.

  20. rptop says:

    Jae looks like 17 year old girl who just got her brows done. ears plenty big enough for handles. Definitely don’t want to see those tats when he’s 50

  21. bibottomman says:

    Love the ink, he’s a bit skinny for me otherwise but hey, its just fucking sex, bring it!

  22. sammy71 says:

    I like pic #6 erotic erotic

  23. sexieboyoo1 says:

    they are kind of young but yes I would fuck the hell out of them both and suck them both dry too

  24. hornybeatboy18 says:

    You guys are so fucking irritating, honestly. So judgemental and yet none of you are anywhere near the looks of any of the guys you so easily criticise. Get over yourselves.