WE’RE Captivated BY Paddy O’Brian & Diego Reyes @ MEN…




















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19 comments on “WE’RE Captivated BY Paddy O’Brian & Diego Reyes @ MEN…
  1. irakeven says:

    tops gorgeous, but have you seen the colour of his feet?? yuk , someone tell him to keep his socks on!! lol

  2. blacktshirt says:

    how wonderful to see two guys with untrimmed groin hair … very hot …

  3. tahs says:

    a love to cop it from both guys.

  4. pgtonedandtall says:

    Both hot but especially the top guy!

  5. usechris says:

    Didn’t notice the feet until I saw your comment cause that wasn’t what I was looking at. The other guy seems to suffer a bit from the same thing. Maybe the floor in the studio was just stained. Anyway, I would be happy to wash his feet before getting started.

  6. tim106b says:

    Two hot fuckers with hair and tatt free hmmmm yes please

  7. furgus says:

    It is impressive to see guys looking like guys. No tats. Naked men handsome and with hair the way men should look. I just want to shake their hands @:#!. Get a life you people with foot issues. I want more.

  8. SicilianMikey says:

    Sorry, add Paddy to a set, the chance of the other guy appealing to me, gunna be a tough sell. Tough, not impossible. But not this time, all Paddy for me.

  9. Meissen says:

    I was not captivated at all. It was a turn off for me.Why do they have to look at the camera ? Obviously it was a pose one. Why we never see a condom full of seed if they do fuck for real.

  10. bimale1954 says:

    Paddy always turns me on…woof!

  11. anidlemind3 says:

    Paddy is perfect. Diego divine.
    Ahhh, pubic hair.

  12. thorrtonne says:

    Diego is so cute and in heat!

  13. gayplaygay says:

    Hot I love to see men getting it on.

  14. ffocker says:

    Hot guys – and my first negative comment – the underwear looks like diapers

  15. bananajoe says:

    Hot Damn! Nice dicks with Very Sexy Dick hair… How Novel.

  16. pmaul says:

    Two excellent specimens–and no ink!

  17. Berksforfun says:

    Forget the feet, Those big pants have to go, not sexy…Both guys are very Hot!

  18. macman0123 says:

    Again both hot looking and have awesome cocks and arses.
    Would love a 3some but where is the man juice wanted to see cum all over bottom man.
    Great bodies enjoyed this couple.

  19. sdtony56 says:

    Diego Reyes is the Man I would love to jump into bed with, while Paddy O’Brian has himself to worship and his body too, While Diego is just Sexy and has that look that draws people towards him.