Students Get a Hard Lesson for #SpringBreak

Students may not have had class this week, but they may have been taught a lesson or two. Probably on how to suck cock, or ride dick. If they’re lucky, that lesson might have come from one of their professors. The student-teacher hookup is one of the most alluring sexual fantasies.

For starters, there’s the age difference. Getting with a hot young stud, or with a mature, maybe even married, man is a huge turn on. Do you have a lot in common? Maybe not. But you can still have a ton of fun fucking each other’s brains out. Plus, there’s the power dynamic mixed in there. Knowing that one of you is in control – that one of you is in the position of authority – can really add to the sex. Finally, there’s something about the taboo nature of the relationship that makes it that much hotter.

Not sold on the idea yet? These pictures might change your mind:

1. This steamy encounter came after this undergrad told his prof that his class blows.

Student teacher gay porn

2. He may be the professor, but he’s the one putting in work for extra credit.

Student Teacher Blowjob

3. This week’s lesson is on fellatio. Pay attention, boy.

Student Teacher Blowjob

4. Over spring break, these guys were given a group project.

Gay Teacher Threesome

Gay threesome blowjob

5. He needs an A, so he’s giving his prof a BJ.

Gay Teacher Blowjob

6. This stud is having an affair with his music professor.

See more of these two studs here.

7. This guy has been studying, hard. So his professor offered some guidance (by guiding his mouth onto his cock).

gay student blowjob

8. Leaving class and eating ass.

Gay Ass Eating Teacher

9. Now will you pass me, sir?

10. This semester has been a pretty long ride, but it isn’t over yet.

Gay Student Teacher Porn

11. He’s the substitute teacher, but he wants to own this guy’s ass permanently.

Gay Porn Desk

12. The ‘A’ stands for “Ass”, right?

Gay Porn Teacher Ass

13. This professor just started, but he’s the one being schooled.

Gay Gangbang

14. The professor told him he was at the bottom of his class. He told his professor he was a bottom.

Gay Porn Student

Gay porn desk

15. This student earned an “A”, but he’s about to get the “D”.

Gay porn cock

16. Post-Secondary Education is about to turn into post-coital small talk.

Gay Porn Teacher

17. He’s the English professor, but now he’s studying his student’s biology.

Gay Student Gif

18. This student really needs to pick up his grades.

Gay Bottom Teacher

19. The top of the class is also the professor’s top.

Gay Porn Sex

20. Sometimes, the course curriculum is a lot to swallow.

Which of these hot pics turned you on the most? Leave a comment down below.

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12 comments on “Students Get a Hard Lesson for #SpringBreak
  1. heythere250 says:

    wow these are a big fantasy of mine…

  2. BearStar4U2 says:

    My 7th & 8th Grade P.E. Teacher (and Coach ) Mr. James was so darn cute and looked
    like a young blonde headed Martin Milner (ADAM-12 TV Series & Route 66
    TV Series ) and he had a REAL NICE Big Cock with Blonde pubes and BIG
    Sexy Low hangers (Balls). I saw him in the shower once. But He was a
    happily married man with children but I so wanted him to be Bi-Sexual
    and let Me just suck it once and get Fucked by it! Fantasy Fullfilled!
    Butt that never did happen

  3. SicilianMikey says:

    So many of gay porn’s hottest guys here. Nice! But Alex…yummmmmm!!!!

  4. bimale1954 says:

    Wish my college teacher was like these professors.

  5. TongueToHole says:

    I think most of the collective “us” had teacher fantasies when we were younger. Although I had many teachers I fantasized about, I still have the biggest fantasies about a high school teacher I had named Mr. Broughton.

  6. JObuddyIA says:

    I was so naïve when I was in college.

  7. biman96 says:

    Some hot ones

  8. BearStar4U2 says:

    # 2 really has a nice size HARD Cock that I would
    love to Suck and get Fucked by !

  9. pmaul says:

    Love the student/teacher action.

  10. loveman50 says:

    #2 and 5 got me hard quick, mmmm nice meat. All are very good sets.

  11. macman0123 says:

    Loved all these pics awesome cocks,arses,bodies and fucking.
    I want them all wish my teachers did this to me at college.
    Was hard instantly seeing these mmmmmmmmmm

  12. usechris says:

    JObuddy. Know what you mean, but how about high school. Had a teach who paid a lot of attention to me in HS, who many years later lives in my current neighborhood and is openly gay. Had no clue at the time.