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35 comments on “UMMMM… WOW!!!
  1. bobbymay says:

    I think I’ll do one a day, please. MMM. Not sure about doing the PM, though, but he does present a nice butt profile.

  2. berg516 says:

    great collection of hairy bodies which i love #5 used to be me at the old ansonia baths giving head in the showers

  3. pmaul says:

    Wow! Lots of winners!

  4. bimale1954 says:

    Some nice cock and ass here for sure!

    Including the PM’s as well

  5. davide1998 says:

    #15 – great furry bush!

  6. hotforyouanytime says:

    LOVE the BUSH on #15.

  7. rooster8 says:

    Yeah, I’d vote for the PM’s fine ass any day. Too bad what the US has to look at…

  8. jackme64 says:

    #14,15,16 too fucking hot but I just don’t get # 20

  9. SicilianMikey says:

    Some good ones. I’ll take the hottie in the shower, #7.

  10. Jerry11 says:

    Jackme64 you don’t get it why #20 DUH! Read b4 you — what is “PM” — duh Prime Minister! Where did you go to school? Chicago? Do I also have to tell you what country he is from? lol

  11. biman96 says:

    A lot of hot men

  12. petereater05 says:


  13. Will_Ling says:

    I find pic #5 the most arousing, simple and sexy.
    Yhe Canadian PM is certainly Prime.

  14. stpete says:

    #20 is just Canada “presenting” itself so it too can be f*cked in the ass by Trump. (just like we have been/are/will be (for the next 4 years) down here in what used to be “good old” USA.)

  15. Tuxcon says:

    So when will you show us the rest of the PM?

  16. needmen says:

    Great Gaping Gashes Batman!!!!

  17. Jerry11 says:

    stpete Do really know what you just said? The guy — Trump is in office only 6 weeks and you can be so judgmental! Crooked Hillary got away with millions, and millions plus pple died because of her. How naive are you. Sad.

  18. othermature1 says:

    Definitely the PM’s…everything (that is in my imagination!) And agree with rooster8 about what we have to look at and deal with.

  19. lusciousdick says:

    Love 3, 13, 14 and of course NUMBER 20 the hottest.

  20. trunzo says:

    Dear Canada: May we trade leaders, please? Or at least borrow your PM for the next four years? Talk about inspirational leadership!

  21. baldnbearded69 says:

    Fuck! This is one hot set of men! The cum load on #8’s beard got me going, but so did 1, 3, 10 and 12; and of course, the PM’s arse. Woof!

  22. assman101 says:

    Ugh! Not a single one does anything for me…

  23. blacktshirt says:

    some nie guys here … #1 is wonderfully wonderful, and #7 and #9 follow closely

  24. blacktshirt says:

    nice guys, sorry

  25. senior60 says:

    Some hot hairy asses to rim and tongue fuck. mmmmm

  26. daddy69u says:

    1,2,5, and 7. My comments 9n the PM and his skinny ass pic is: no wonder so many refer to him as ass hole!!!! He seldom wears a sports coat or suit jacket. They would cover his metrosexual ass. Would like to see more skin in his pics, cum on justin prove you are not the ass hole people call you. Show all and prove you are a real man Bro.
    All the fur covered guys are hot though. Thanks

  27. macman0123 says:

    Hot men from 1 to 20 love them all.
    Beautiful cocks,hot hairy arse holes to rim or tongue fuck and great bodies.
    Can’t choose a favourite,I want them all not sure if PM would offer his cock though…….. nice arse.

  28. rooster8 says:

    No worries, daddy69u, we’ve started a petition to get the asshole PM into a sports coat to cover his metrosexual ass with, to prove he’s a real man. Good comment! Hate it whenever I can see the shape of a man’s ass. Makes me feel like some damn homo or something. Or one of them damn homo-Islamo-Mexican rapists that won’t show thur ass or nuthin, just steal all the high-payin blowjobs away from the good white folks who are just tryin to grab some pussies for Jesus, we should nuke every damn one of them before they turn us into some fake-news-lovin Canadian-type Angela Merkles, like that skinny black kid on TV who wore his pants up real high up to his armpits and talked real funny like some pointy-head Obama-homo! Don’t call ME Tangerine CrazyClown ManBaby! YOU the Tangerine CrazyClown ManBaby! USA! USA! USA! USA! Make them pay! They can’t stay! Send them all to Guantanamo Bay! They don’t like the American way! Burn them all on Judgement Day! Let us pray! 1-2-3-4 and sashay! Sarah P., not Tina Fey! When the BOYS came out to play, Justin Trudeau ran away! – Canadian, eh?

  29. bike69 says:

    #7 cum covered facial.

  30. usechris says:

    Leave your political comments for some other site. This is about pleasure. PM has a great ass and 5 and 15 are great.

  31. markptbo says:

    very nice. The stockier gents are great.