FALCON STUDIOS: As Scott Riley approaches the pool, Ryan Rose lifts his sunglasses to get a better look at Scott’s perky butt. As Scott swims back and forth in the cool, refreshing waters, Ryan rises from his chair and wades into the pool too. They immediately embrace and lock lips in a kiss. Ryan’s hands move down to Scott’s ass, pulling down his blue swimsuit to show the top of Scott’s ass. Scott gropes Ryan’s hard boner through his bathing suit. Pulling it down, Scott goes underwater to give Ryan a deep-throated blowjob. They kiss again passionately, and then Ryan leads Scott to the edge of the pool for more. Using his hand against the back of Scott’s head, Ryan guides Scott up and down the length of his shaft.

Thick trails of spit roll down Ryan’s shaft as Scott swallows Ryan’s meat to the base. Scott stand up in front of Ryan and Ryan pulls down Scott’s suit. With Scott bent over the lounge chair, Ryan Spread’s Scott’s fuzzy blond butt cheeks and rims his tight, pink hole. Eager for more, Ryan mounts Scott from behind and fucks him doggy style. They move to a sit fuck, and Scott’s ass stretches around Ryan’s huge cock. Using his muscular legs, Scott raises and lowers himself on Ryan’s massive tool. Flipping Scott over, Ryan fucks him in missionary position until he can’t hold back any longer. Ryan moves forward and blows his load right in Scott’s open mouth. Jerking his hard cock, with the taste of Ryan’s cum on his lips, Scott busts his nut on his blond treasure trail.

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  1. airlieguy says:

    simply fantastic lets all have a go

  2. tim106b says:

    Wow two hot handsome fuckers yes please too both

  3. biman96 says:

    Fucking hot both please

  4. SicilianMikey says:

    Scott’s pretty hot but with Ryan in the mix, I’d gladly take him for some hot one on one!!

  5. macman0123 says:

    Both very sexy and handsome,beautiful big cocks,hot arses and bodies.
    Yes please I want both.
    Hot man action very nice more please.

  6. needmen says:


  7. bimale1954 says:

    Both are hot as hell, but Ryan can do me anytime and so can Scott.

  8. pmaul says:

    Nice couple.

  9. jai_the_man says:

    Ive just got to say that Ryan Rose , oh he makes me sick , I just can’t even watch anything he’s in. Its a big NO from me .

  10. activ says:

    both cute and both have fuckable pert arses, but Ryan Rose’s arse…. WOW!

  11. bjwbjw says:

    Both please.

  12. kleist4men says:

    Two exceptionally beautiful, well-hung young men who should call every cock to attention. Outstanding!!