Sexy Retro Trends That Need to Come Back #ThrowbackThursday

Over the past few months we’ve been dedicating Thursdays to journeys back through porn history, pulling up the steamiest, sexiest shoots we could find. After looking through the echoes of cumshots past, we realized there are a lot of things we miss from decades ago. The 70s, 80s, and 90s all offered their own aesthetics. Each has its own unique look and feel, that’s still just as erotic today. To celebrate all of the little details, looks, and kinks that still get us rock hard, we’ve put together a list of past trends that we think should come back.

1. Chest Hair

These days popular culture is full of men with smooth, clean shaven chests, but it wasn’t always like that. Sometimes you need a nice chest-rug to lay your head down on or run your hands through. There’s something so sexy about a nice manly chest, covered in a thick fuzz. Don’t you think?

2. Speedos

Bathing suit shorts have taken away all the fun of going to the beach. These days, guys are basically wearing shorts in the water. What happened to showing off your full leg, your neatly tucked package, and your perky ass? Plus a speedo tan is a lot sexier than a full-length shorts tan.

3. Pubes

What’s hotter than a guy au natural? Every tree trunk should be surrounded by a little shrubbery. Pubes also help keep in that manly body odour.

4. Body Builders

In the late 70s and early 80s, bodybuilding became pretty mainstream. And that was reflected in popular media and in porn. Guys with huge, sweaty muscles seemed to be everywhere – but we weren’t complaining!


5. Moustaches

Nothing like a bit of fuzz to keep the upper lip warm. Or to tickled your balls while you’re 69-ing. Does anything say ‘hot daddy’ quite like a nice ‘stache? Didn’t think so.

Did we miss any trends? Leave a comment down below.

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30 comments on “Sexy Retro Trends That Need to Come Back #ThrowbackThursday
  1. cartp2 says:

    The only one I can do without are pornstaches, lol! The rest I just want to take all my clothes off for! Chest hair, muscles, speedos, bring it on!

  2. Bihorny62 says:

    Love a guy with a big bush … like hunting ion the forest !

  3. discretion says:

    yeah, you forgot hairy asses. 🙂

  4. greggy says:

    very nice and true 🙂

  5. rooster8 says:

    Hairy Legs! And full pubes – too much trimming (or shaving) always seems girly to me.

  6. pmaul says:

    Good to see those guys again.

  7. bananajoe says:

    Very HOT photos!

  8. airlieguy says:

    likewise very hot pics

  9. clumpster says:

    Yes, bushes used to be bushier!

  10. macman0123 says:

    Awesome,hot hairy men and then they never shaved their pubes.
    Would have bent over for them all,but wasn’t old enough.

  11. DAVEWESLEY says:

    if you was into furr sure it was great times .. i do like the smooth look and the trimmed pubes .. saying that most of the posts on here you would still think you was in the 70s looking at the models

    • johnnie10 says:

      if you had bothered to read the post its retro so yes they are from the 70s asshole

  12. horny533 says:

    All good trends can relate to in what I like. Except some mustaches look very cheesy somehow – someone called it a pornstache, but fuller bushier ones are great.

  13. vegold says:

    Yes you have left out one very important thing and that is facial hair, it is much nicer kissing a man who does not fill your mouth face and eyes with disgusting looking and feeling facial hair. I say men should have some self respect and get back to shaving on a daily basis and not being so damn lazy.

  14. mikulb says:

    inspiring … refreshing … porno-realness. thanks for posting!

  15. bimale1954 says:

    Love throwback Thursdays and these retro hunks. Like them except the staches…not a fan of facial hair, a little stubble is ok.

  16. scot_bottom says:

    Hairy men are so much better than smooth, mmmmmmm!

  17. bobfox says:

    All hot!!! Wouldn’t it be fun to see what they look like today….

  18. SicilianMikey says:

    Some hot men. I saw Ryan Rose, just send him my way.

  19. TongueToHole says:

    Always loved and love those stereotypical Colt models (#3 under Chest Hair, and #2 under Moustaches)

  20. biman96 says:


  21. xsxf009 says:

    A trimed hairy torso looks and feels fine and divine!

  22. FitFella4Fun says:

    The second speedo pic didnt look very retro to me. looked rather current and very nice too.

  23. backdoorfun10 says:

    Hi and yes love the chest and nipples and black and white is hot and make me feel like my first time seeing naked guys

  24. aagold76 says:

    Tat free skin!!! And Pit hair!!!

  25. daddy69u says:

    Would luv to see fur on the chest and nice hairy pits and taint and ass they were all hung hunks thanks

  26. grapesgrapes says:

    full head of hair, and mullets! What is with all the buzzed heads these days?

  27. galagax says:

    I got all that except the body builder build

  28. srg925 says:

    Yes! Speedos back… the sack of potato calf length board shorts for the past couple decades are sooooo conservative and boring. And yes pubic hair. The prepubescent boy look has been a downer for me for a long time.