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24 comments on “UMMMMM… WOW!!!
  1. macman0123 says:

    All Hot great set of pics.
    Loved them all and want them all.

  2. DAVEWESLEY says:

    the lad in 6 .. that’s it for me ..again in these sets the majority of models have beards hairy chests .. don’t do anything for me

  3. SicilianMikey says:

    “If ya can’t say somethin’ nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.” And that’s all I’m gunna say.

  4. pmaul says:

    The hairy chesters win! The guy with the pussy wins, too.

  5. clumpster says:

    3 and 16 are fascinating. One doesn’t often see female:male transsexuals.

  6. bibottomman says:

    Very hot set, love all those hot asses and the boy with the pussy is really hot, perfect for a bi guy, mmm!

  7. gayplaygay says:

    Love those hairy bodies

  8. bimale1954 says:

    I like my guys hairy, this was a great set.

  9. needmen says:

    I agree with SicilianMikey…………….next set

  10. rooster8 says:

    RE: the smiling couple in #4 – My initial reaction was “Ummmmm…WTF?!!”. What I like about them is that they both look pretty happy with each other. Also, they obviously don’t give a rat’s ass about what my, or anyone else’s, opinion of them is! That’s the best part! – As it should be.

  11. sweguy69 says:

    Hot hairy guys!! yummy!!

  12. Jerry11 says:

    May be 2 or 11, on the the rest, sorry, pass.

  13. Sweatsnifer says:

    One of the better looking sets of REAL MEN.
    #10 is smokin’ hot and #7 would definitely be a hot fuck.
    Finally, some bearded and hairy men-like men SHOULD be!!!
    So tired of the absolutely disgusting and utterly repulsive smooth/shaved/waxed bullshit that we are seeing far too much of these days.

  14. Topdog73 says:

    The jockpussy pics had me doing a double take and zooming in. I’ve never seen the reverse transexual in pics before. The guy is cute though with some hot nips. Not sure about the whole pussy thing though, been there and done That!!!

  15. down_to_earth_man says:


  16. naniji says:

    holy shit number 8 is Tyler Posey….fuck yes

  17. spiritman says:

    love the pics with F to M trans, hot boy and connection.. keep the diversity coming

  18. biman96 says:

    All hot

  19. m61artin says:

    Loved #3 the jock pussy shot was hot!!

  20. grapesgrapes says:

    Does the guy in #4 and #17– the one being fucked– not have a dick? Or at least a sliver of a dick? Am I seeing this correctly??

  21. ZJ23 says:

    The guy in #4 and #17 must be a hermaphrodite as you can clearly see a small cock and a pussy. Unusual but it certainly turned me on 🙂

  22. pibe3 says:

    Very hot Mr. Number 7!