IN A DEEP HOLE DUNGEON W/ Seamus O’Reilly & Gage Lennox

CLUB INFERNO DUNGEON: In a dark, dank dungeon, two men explore each other’s bodies with their tongues. Clad in leather jockstraps and harnesses, ginger-haired Seamus O’Reilly and furry muscle hunk Gage Lennox begin to work each other into a frenzy. Gage unleashes Seamus’ massive, thick, throbbing cock and wraps his lips around it. Showing off impressive deep throating, Gage sucks down Seamus’ cock to the base. Seamus’ fire-red pubes stand out against the dark fur of Gage’s thick beard. Turning Seamus around, Gage dives face-first into Seamus’ ass. With rabid licks, Gage begins lubing Seamus’ hole for what’s to come. Gloving up and lubing Seamus’ hole, Gage enters the flesh ring with his fist.

Alternating between hands lets him quickly stretch out Seamus’ hole until his entire fist is buried inside. When Gage switches hands again, Seamus shows off his red rosebud. Perched atop a fuck bench, Seamus sits on Gage’s fist as Gage simultaneously swallows Seamus’ cock. Utilizing his muscular build, Gage picks Seamus up and throws him over his shoulder, keeping his fist buried deep in Seamus’ hole the entire time. Returning Seamus to his feet, Gage kisses him vigorously, then lays him on his back for the final stretch. With Gage’s left fist buried up to the wrist in Seamus’ ass, Seamus strokes his hefty cock and lets loose with a hot, white load that spills onto his lightly hairy torso.

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12 comments on “IN A DEEP HOLE DUNGEON W/ Seamus O’Reilly & Gage Lennox
  1. needmen says:


  2. macman0123 says:

    Very sexy hairy arses loved this set.
    Not really into fisting but this was Hot.
    Gage has an awesome hairy body,cock and arse,he made my cock hard.
    Seamus also has a Hot arse,would love to rim them both.

  3. SicilianMikey says:

    It’s a pass, and fisting makes me a bit uneasy.

  4. DAVEWESLEY says:

    yuk .. not doing it for me.. not my thing nice cock on the slim guy that’s about it

  5. pmaul says:

    Well-endowed guys but I’m not into leather/dungeon scene.

  6. bimale1954 says:

    Both have great cocks but it is Gage for me.

  7. bigpa says:

    Gage has the perfect body hair pattern! Great set, especially loved Gage carrying Seamus over his shoulder by his ass!

  8. FitFella4Fun says:

    Gage is very handsome. The least said about the rest of this set the better.

  9. spiritman says:

    amusing responses so far ….. gay guys being uneasy with images of fisting,,,, a bit like straight guys being uneasy with images of M to M sex…..

  10. woody20 says:

    Lovely, both of them….and the scene.
    Choose? Hell no, I’d have and be had by both 🙂

  11. scot_bottom says:

    Gage Lennox, seriously WOOF! Would love his cock in me, not his fist though–don’t see that ever happening.

  12. vanmarc1 says:

    Just beautiful!
    Fisting is clean and HOT!