FUCK YEAH! Chris Bines & Gabriel Cross @ HOT HOUSE

HOTHOUSE: Painting is a boring-as-hell job, so to make things more interesting, Chris Bines tags his boyfriend Gabriel Cross with the roller. Gabriel retaliates, and things escalate quickly. After a quick tussle, Chris grabs the back of Gabriel’s head and gives him a deep kiss. A bulge shows in Gabriel’s white shorts, and Chris heads straight for it, shoving Gabriel’s cock down his throat. Gabriel plays with Chris’ nipples and rubs his hands through Chris’ hairy chest. Leaning against a couch, Chris feeds his cock to Gabriel’s thirsty mouth. Gabriel sucks Chris’ cock using plenty of spit, and the intense oral pleasure makes Chris shoot a huge load all over Gabriel’s face. But Chris isn’t done with Gabriel yet; bending him over the couch, Chris spreads Gabriel’s ass and pushes his tongue into the tight pink center. With spit for lube, Chris uses his finger to feel inside Gabriel’s sweet hole, and he can’t resist putting his dick inside. With a hot body like Gabriel’s in front of him, it’s no surprise that Chris is already ready for round two. Gabriel flips over and puts a leg over Chris’ shoulder, enjoying the sensation of Chris’ big, hard cock pushing deep inside him. Sitting down on the couch, Chris invites Gabriel to sit on his cock, and Gabriel’s uncut meat slices through the air as he rides Chris. Jerking his cock with Chris still inside him, Gabriel shoots a massive load, then massages Chris’ hairy body while he jerks out a second huge cum shot.

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5 comments on “FUCK YEAH! Chris Bines & Gabriel Cross @ HOT HOUSE
  1. joeynmtgy8 says:

    I’ll take Gabriel. Chris might be okay but those tats are just too much (and something just looks off with his beard).

  2. biman96 says:

    Two hot men

  3. sicilianmikey says:

    I wouldn’t exactly say either would be my first choice per se, not bad I guess.

  4. pmaul says:

    They’re OK. The beard is too angular.

  5. macman0123 says:

    2 Hot men love Chris’s hairy chest and hairy arse.
    Both have beautiful big cocks great bodies lovely arses.
    One hairy the other smooth really sexy.
    I want both a 3some would be good,get in touch my arse is ready for man action.