FUCK YEAH! Osiris Blade & Conner Mason @ EXTRA BIG DICKS

EXTRA BIG DICKS: Conner is sitting outside having his coffee at the clothing option resort as Osiris comes walking by with his huge cock bouncing back and forth between his legs. Osiris notices that Conner is staring at him so he stops to ask Conner if he likes what he sees. Conner reaches out to grab his massive cock and begins sucking it outside. Conner can’t believe how big it plus how great all of that thick meat feels in his wet mouth. After a while Osiris invites him back to his room where they start kissing. Osiris takes Conner’s shorts off and they both rub their dicks together. Conner gets back down on his knees and continues to service that beautifully massive cock. They share some 69 for a bit as Osiris rims Conner’s ass before plunging his big cock deep into him. Osiris fucks Conner all over the bed with long slow strokes showing every inch of that big dick going in and out Conner’s tight little ass. Osiris can feel Conner’s ass tighten up just before he shoots his creamy load all over the place. Once Osiris sees that load he pulls his long thick dick out and strokes his cock until his jizz oozes out.

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9 comments on “FUCK YEAH! Osiris Blade & Conner Mason @ EXTRA BIG DICKS
  1. tahs says:

    Connor is one lucky boy, wish it was me.😋

  2. rooster8 says:

    The black guy is beautiful, but please, less posing, more hosing.

  3. sicilianmikey says:

    The posing was godawful and there’s zero chemistry between them.

  4. bike69 says:

    Love when they do 69.

  5. bimale1954 says:

    Let me have that black guy so I can try him out for size.

  6. macman0123 says:

    Great set of pics,loved them.
    Awesome big black cock and lovely tight white arse,preparing to fuck,lovely.
    Hot kissing,sucking,rimming and fucking…… Chocolate and Vanilla.
    I want them both.

  7. bananajoe says:

    I agree with bike 69, sucking each other is hot, but constantly looking at the camera doesn’t do a thing for me!

  8. davide1998 says:

    don’t like posing either, but if i were to choose, Conner definitely does it for me…yummy!

  9. biman96 says:

    Both are hot