8 Porn Stars That Embody the 80s #ThrowbackThursday

1. Tex Anthony

Often credited just as “Tex,” this stud was everywhere in the 1980s. In fact, he was doing both gay and straight porn. Of course, we’ve only selected his man-on-man moments. He’s best known for some of his outdoor fucking scenes – because who doesn’t like taking a huge dick in the woods?

2. Scott Avery

This cute twink was known as the pretty boy of porn. He was versatile, with a handsome face, cute curls, and a gorgeous dick. Some of his most known roles were “Coverboy” (1984) and “Boys Just Wanna Have Sex” (1985).


3. Rod Mitchell

When you picture your prototypical 80s porn star, there’s a chance someone who looks almost identical to Rod Mitchell comes to mind. He’s got the shaggy hair. He’s got the moustache. He’s got the body hair. But don’t forget that beautiful cock.

4. Chad Douglas

This other ‘stached stud is known for two things: having a big dick and being a big dick. First, he has a massive cock – 11″ to be precise. Plus, he only topped on camera, and rarely even put a dick near his mouth. Although, it’s rumoured that in his personal life he would bottom for dildos the size of his own cock (or larger) with ease. However, the total dom top persona he portrayed in films got him a reputation for being a dick on set – mainly because he was too rough on the bottoms he filmed with. His cock and his controversy make him one of the most memorable porn stars of the decade.


5. Steve Henson

Unlike Chad Douglas, remembered for his dick, Henson is remembered for his ass. That and his good looks. In the 1980s he starred in a number of films including  “View to a Thrill”, “The Other Side of Aspen II”, “Like a Horse”, “The Pizza Boy Delivers”, and “Young Cum Pumpers.” His smooth body was in high demand.


6. Sky Dawson

There was once a porno where a man sucked off a group of guys who were all wearing Sky Dawson masks. This is not a joke. That’s how universally hot he was considered. He was handsome, sexy, and gave one hell of a cum shot. Standing six feet tall, his list of credits is also pretty tall and includes “Champs 2”, “Biker’s Liberty”, “Take It”, “Rawhide”, “Turned On”, and “Top Performances”.


7. Kurt Williams

One of the films Kurt Williams is best known for is “Gold Rush Boys”, the synopsis for which reads:

“In 1849 San Francisco all that glitters isn’t gold, but what a rush! In the good old days when California’s gold miners had pouches heavy with nuggets and bulges that were even heavier still, Kincaid’s was the most popular place to be…in a world without women and filled with sex-starved men. Here, ’49ers could get anything they wanted in a house of boys who aimed to please, and did just that. When innocent Kurt Williams shows up looking for work and passes Kincaid’s (Braun’s) test, he’s hired on the spot and joins the house’s stable of fresh eager to please boys-for-hire.”

Whether he was looking for gold, or in some other scenario, he was always a star.


8. Luciano Pereira

Standing at 5’10, and an erect 7″, Luciano Pereira made magazine covers and took gay porn by storm. He worked with some of the best photographers and filmmakers of the time and it’s easy to see why:

Which of these guys is the hottest? Leave a comment down below.



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23 comments on “8 Porn Stars That Embody the 80s #ThrowbackThursday
  1. pmaul says:

    Good to see old familiar faces. When the moustache was king.

  2. tahs says:

    All pretty hot 😋👌

  3. macman0123 says:

    All great and Hot,liked them all Chad douglas wow what a whopper.
    Was a bit young then.

  4. bimale1954 says:

    All are hot, would love to see them now!

  5. TongueToHole says:

    Have always loved Sky Dawson, especially in his blonde days. Also am glad to see Kurt Williams – I’ve seen him before, but never knew his name, so thanks for that!

    • marriedman4men says:

      that’s a nice blasts from the past. I was just learning the ropes and jerking off to guys like this multiple times per day. Thanks for the memories.

  6. sicilianmikey says:

    I was still a kid back then but I can easily appreciate looking back. And what eye candy!

  7. Rob_NY says:

    Ahh, the good old days. Raw action, no tatts!

  8. pitlickingpig says:

    It has to be Sky Dawson for me – he inspired a lot of loads!

  9. jake61177 says:

    very nice set of guys.

  10. humdog1969 says:

    Sky Dawson, his body is hot, his cock is hot

  11. greg405 says:

    Editors, how can I convince you to work a wee bit harder and show us what these guys look like today????

  12. curiouschris50 says:

    Love me some Jeff Quinn too.. 🙂

  13. airlieguy says:

    10 out of 10 woohoo

  14. cutcock1961 says:

    Love throwback Thursday, I remember I was in my early 20’s in the 80’s, watching porn with a mate while we wanked and sucked each off, loved it.

  15. biman96 says:

    A lot of. Hot. Men

  16. wellbuilt says:

    Very nice. Brings back old memories. I personally liked John Holmes. John had a great dick.

  17. jimmybananas says:

    Interesting the porn stars were all cut back then

  18. rl1905 says:

    Luciano, cute and sexy

  19. reivax says:

    Any list like this would have to include Lee Ryder and Dick Masters. With Chad Douglas, three of the most beautiful men ever. All, sadly, gone to God.

  20. bobfox says:

    No shaving…No Tatts…No piercing…. All natural… The way it should be!!!! I’d like to see them now…The ones still with us..

  21. anjours says:

    Mmmm! Nice souvenirs. I thought and still think that Rod Mitchell was such a hunk. Mustache, muscular and deep beautiful eyes. Love it, love him.