Alexander Garrett, Rego Bello & Tommy Regan HAVE THEIR FIRST THREE WAY…

MEN OVER 30: Alexander & Rego have been a couple for a while and they have decided to take their relationship to another level by bringing in a 3rd. Rego shows Alexander a couple photos of Tommy Regan who’s just moved in living on the first floor of the apartments. Rego informs Alexander that Tommy will be arriving shortly. Tommy shows up to the room and they all share some awkward small talk before engaging in a sexy 3-way kiss. They soon have Tommy’s clothes off and they begin to explore his body as they exchange blow jobs with each other. The intensity increases as each one takes turns sucking and kissing each other. Tommy gets bent over the bed as Rego rims his ass while Tommy continues to suck Alexander thick veiny dick. Alexander says he wants to see Rego fuck Tommy, but Tommy wants to watch Rego fuck Alexander first. Rego begins to fuck Alexander showing Tommy just how great his cock will feel deep in his smooth ass. While the fucking continues their hands roam and the ones not fucking are either sucking or getting blown. Alexander then fucks Tommy long and deep as he moans in delight with every thrust. Tommy is so turned on by Alexander’s huge cock in his ass that he shoots his own load all over himself and Rego and Alexander add their own loads to his creamy chest.

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11 comments on “Alexander Garrett, Rego Bello & Tommy Regan HAVE THEIR FIRST THREE WAY…
  1. sicilianmikey says:

    If Tommy’s the bottom, him. The other guys are hot but the lighter skinned guy really has something about him.

  2. bjwbjw says:

    Wish I was in the middle of the two dark haired guys.

  3. airlieguy says:

    yeah suck the 3 of them off

  4. macman0123 says:

    Hot 3some,loved this set.
    Good looking men,beautiful hard cocks and tasty arses.
    Would have loved to make up a 4some.
    YES I want all 3 men,taking turns fucking me,DP would be good.

  5. FitFella4Fun says:

    i haven’t a clue (as is often the case) which one is which.

  6. bimale1954 says:

    Nice cocks, would love to do them all.

  7. tahs says:

    Foursome would be hot, I would take them all.

  8. schaumburg says:

    looks pretty forced like they were not having fun at all

  9. Jerry11 says:

    Yeppers — they look like they are bored. Don’t know why — nice bods and cocks.

  10. pussycatlover says:

    Pass, pass and pass.

  11. needmen says:

    Deffs a lot of NICE dick there!