Hot Guys Open Their Legs for #NationalPoolOpeningDay

Whether you’re a big fan of swimming or not, we can all agree that bathing suits are truly a blessing. #NationalPoolOpeningDay marks the start of a long summer with plenty of eye candy for hungry eyes. To celebrate, we’ve put together a gallery of hot studs getting wet by the pool.

1. We can honestly say that swimming naked is everything that it’s cracked up to be. Look at that ass!

2. When you’re in the pool it can be hard to stay focused on swimming. They started out doing some breast stroke. Now it’s turned into a cock stroke.

3. These two studs are front-crawling-all-over-each-other,

3. Being able to hold your breath for a long time has never been so useful.

4. This guy can keep his eyes open under water and suck dick at the same time. Talk about talent.

5. Someone call the maintenance guy. This pool has a leak.

6. Sun’s out, buns out!

7. There’s nothing like laying out in the pool and letting your cock get some vitamin D.

8. Did he want to blow his friend? Or did he just need more sunscreen.

9. This is our kind of pool party!

10. These two or so hot they’re bound to make a splash.

11. This daddy lets these boys use his pool, in exchange for a few favours.

12. Good friends lend each other a hand opening the pool. And then they lend each other their mouths.

13. Does doing it on a lillypad make this position froggy style?

14. If they need to clean up – and they will – they’ve got towels ready!

15. Having pool means you can relax, take a load of your shoulders, and shoot a load into your friends’ mouths.

16. He’s not in the pool but soon he’ll be drowning in cum.

17. Did you know that bears love to swim?

18. He’s getting both his heads kissed.

19. The best part of going for a swim is playing with the pool noodles.

20. This is enough to get the lifeguard hard.

Have you ever had sex in a pool? Leave a comment down below.



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10 comments on “Hot Guys Open Their Legs for #NationalPoolOpeningDay
  1. airlieguy says:

    yeah am up for swimming lessons

  2. pmaul says:

    I generally don’t like water and sex (except when I’m participating) but these guys made it hot.

    • 063015 says:

      Best night ever… pool at the Acapulco Princess about 3 in the morning…hot young Mexican guy…

  3. tim106b says:

    Hot as fuck. In answer to the question no not had sex in the pool but come close to number 2

  4. nudeaquamanbv says:

    That’s me, constantly seeking fellow merman that can join me underwater for some hot sexual fun

  5. macman0123 says:

    Beautiful cocks,tasty arses and I want them all.
    I want to fuck every man in this set starting with the tops and working my way down to all the bottoms.
    Gents be prepared my 9 inch cock is throbbing and ready for your sweet,tight arses.

  6. sicilianmikey says:

    A great many of them are damn hot!!!

  7. emmitt22 says:

    9 inch cock??…
    Feed me all your sweet hot cum…

  8. jeff369 says:

    I agree, #9 is hot

  9. nudeaquamanbv says:

    I live for sex in a pool, particularly underwater with a bottom into being fucked underwater. I’m often in Palm Springs seeking the same. Let’s meet and mate underwater soon.