Bara Guys “Bear” All on #NationalCartoonistDay

For the nerds and the gaymers out there, erotic comics can be a huge turn on. The guys are hot, they’re hung, and they’re sketched to fulfill your every fantasy. While there are a few well-known American porn artists, notably Tom of Finland, there are also many Japanese gay porn artists that deserve recognition.

In Japan, there exist two kinds of guy-on-guy explicit comics. The first of which is called ‘yaoi’. Surprisingly, it’s usually written by women for other women. It’s kind of the same way that lesbian porn is made by men for men. Women write these fantasy, ‘taboo’ relationships between two men for other female readers to gush over. The stories usually feature slender “bishonen” (beautiful boys) with long fingers and feminine features.

The second type of comics (or manga, as it’s called) is Bara. Bara is yaoi’s hardcore cousin. It’s made by gay men for gay men. It depicts raw men, who are often muscular. Despite being largely underground for a long time, many artists have earned worldwide recognition, partially due to accessibility of porn online.

To celebrate #NationalCartoonistDay, we’re sharing some of the Bara artwork done by Japan’s favourite gay artists.

1. Gengoroh Tagame

Often referred to as the “Tom of Finland of Japan”, Tagame’s art is recognizable. He always depicts hairy, muscular men. His work is aggressive. It’s rough. It’s kinky. Piss play is in there. Bondage is in there. Sadism is in there. He epitomizes the gay, raw eroticism of bara in his BDSM manga.



2. D-Raw 2 (Draw Two)

Appropriately second on the list is D-Raw 2. A lot of his work addresses the ‘taboos’ seen around gay sex in Japan and involves sexual awakenings. His work features cut men (in the muscular sense), and beautiful bubble butts. He has a distinct art style that is easily identified.




3. Takeshi Matsu

Takeshi Matsu likes to play with authority figures. Sometimes it’s a sports coach, sometimes it’s a private investigator, and sometimes it’s just an old friend from college. Across all his art work is a unique way of drawing muscle. The men in his stories have chiselled bodies, with accenting lines to really define the shape of each and every muscle.  He also likes to draw big, veiny cocks.




4. Mentaiko

Mentaiko produces a lot of comics, but he is also known for doing beautiful colour digital artwork. He plays with fantasy in a lot in his narratives. For example, his story “Priapus” brings the Greek God of fertility (known for his massive cock) to life as he tries to convert straight men in hopes of stopping the earth’s over population. His artwork is distinct and stunning.


Which of these artists do you like best? Leave a comment down below.

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13 comments on “Bara Guys “Bear” All on #NationalCartoonistDay
  1. pmaul says:

    I love all of them. Too bad many of them are censored. Typical Japanese porn. I’ve seen live-action Japanese porn censored, but cartoons? Really?

  2. BearStar4U2 says:

    Neither of them ! I would rather see ” Archie & Friends ” in Naked Hard Core
    Comics XXX rated any day than these !!!

  3. BearStar4U2 says:

    I chose Mentaiko because his drawings look so
    lifelike and the men in them don’t have the beards
    or ugly tats !!!

  4. bimale1954 says:

    like most of them but Mentaiko does it for me. More real life

  5. tigris says:

    Tagame for me !

  6. sicilianmikey says:


  7. swifty1951 says:

    Tagame has always ben my favourite

  8. senior60 says:

    not my thing. I gave up comic books a long time ago. Show me real cock and ass.

  9. spiritman says:

    thanks for sharing these Coach. All have unique qualities that make them worthwhile. As I keep saying.. Diversity is good to see… and One does not have to personally like something to appreciate it’s intrinsic beauty/value… that is what art is about.. to dismiss these as some have done is to miss out on the landscape of life.. keep sharing the interesting stuff !

  10. daddy69u says:

    Pass to exaggerated. Uv to a series devoted a culture. Start with Australian as they appear from my experience to have big cocks

  11. airlieguy says:

    no sorry like real guys muscle smooth
    able to take aussie cock

  12. macman0123 says:

    Not for me,but is interesting.
    Archie and friends would be better.

  13. lowhangers says:

    I will always cherish the Tagame prints that I have. Stunning!