FUC|K YEAH! Trelino & Andrew Stark @ FALCON STUDIOS…

FALCON STUDIOS: Nobody snitches and gets away with it. You must pay! When Lord (Andrew Stark) confronts Snitch (Trelino), it takes enhanced interrogation tactics to get him talking. Lord spreads Snitch’s ass and has his way with it, using his tongue to prepare it for Snitch’s penance. Stripping off his clothing, Lord reveals his massive cock and shoves it into Snitch’s mouth. With Snitch’s ass wet and Lord’s cock throbbing, Lord makes his move. As if possessed with demonic power, Lord pounds his cock deep into Snitch’s tight hole. Flipping on his back, Snitch works his uncut meat as Lord penetrates further inside. With Lord still inside him, Snitch blows his load across his ripped abs. Standing over Snitch’s face, Lord strokes out a massive, thick load that splatters across Snitch’s face. Now that he got what he wanted, Lord pushes Snitch down on the ground and leaves him.

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11 comments on “FUC|K YEAH! Trelino & Andrew Stark @ FALCON STUDIOS…
  1. romantico29 says:

    Andrew is definitely the winner here, two thumbs up as well as everything else !!!

  2. tim106b says:

    Two hot fuckers yes please to that a hot foreskin on Trelino

  3. airlieguy says:

    yum so dam hot

  4. clumpster says:

    Always good to see an uncut cock, even one with a tight foreskin like Trelino’s

  5. tuxcon says:

    He can bring that eye-patch around here ANYTIME! How the fuck do I get in touch. So fucking HOT!

  6. sicilianmikey says:

    Andrew, easily.

  7. bimale1954 says:

    Andrew for me with that nice hot cock.

  8. anidlemind3 says:

    Andrew. Beautiful skin!

  9. Biman96 says:

    Both for me

  10. macman0123 says:

    Both hot,sexy men,love the fucking pics.
    Nice cocks and hot arse on both.
    Andrew has the edge.