Take a Sex Drive for #NationalNASCARDay

There are plenty of good reasons to have sex in a car. Maybe your roommate is having people over at your apartment. Perhaps you don’t have time to go all the way home. But, the best reason of all is that it’s just pretty damn hot. Hooking up in a car is thrilling. It’s public sex made a little less public. Plus, it’s a new, exciting place to have some fun. Given that today is National NASCAR Day we thought we’d celebrate putting on a rubber when rubber hits the road.

1. The car broke down and they heard body heat is the best way to prevent frostbite.

2. When he was buying this car, his priority was spacious seating.

3. If the driver of this car hadn’t picked up this hitchhiker, he’d be a real jerk.

4. Cars come and go. Sometimes the people in them do, too.

5. Sometimes staying seated when there’s a hot stud next to you is hard.

6. This is truly the best passenger seat.

7. Washing your car can get distracting.

8. But who wouldn’t get distracted by an ass like that?

9. Of course, the best way to have a car wash is with some friends.

10. Especially if your friends look like this.

11. Four wheel drive. Seven friend fun.

12. Does it get any better than a backseat blow job?

13. There’s nothing like taking your car, driving somewhere remote, and fucking like animals.

14. The mechanic told him his car has a load of problems. He told the mechanic he had a load problem, too.

15. He’s looking for a road trip buddy and a fuck buddy.

16. They had to park the car so he could park his dick in his ass.

17. The car needed work. This daddy needed some ass.

18. When you’re having public sex, you need to keep your head down.

19. Their road trip has been perfect from top to bottom.

20. Grab yourself a buddy and have car sex, today.

Do you like hooking up in cars? Tell us your steamiest story in the comments.

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15 comments on “Take a Sex Drive for #NationalNASCARDay
  1. Jerry11 says:

    Surprising and enjoyed this set. Good work that is different.

  2. activ says:

    always love fucking a guy in the car down a dark lane at night

  3. bimale1954 says:

    Nice set, love #10 🙂

  4. Topdog73 says:

    I’ve had a few car sessions in the past. Not really a big fan. The Times were hot but, i prefer a nice roomy bed. I’m old fashioned that way!!! I wouldn’t turn down the opportunity if offered by some of the guys in this picture set!!! ?

  5. sicilianmikey says:

    Hot! I have some stories about car BJs. And post 11, I’ve seen that video, damn near an hour of hotness!!!

  6. aagold76 says:

    some vintage would have been cool- not all car sex was in the 21st century!

  7. pmaul says:

    Thank God for cars!

  8. Grant2012 says:

    Hot set, and yes have always enjoyed a back seat blow job.

  9. bobfox says:

    Now that was creative and hot!!!

  10. daddy69u says:

    Hot sexy drivers, passengers and hangers on. Luv the guy covered in soap and jerking his cock. Excellent photography. Thanks guys.,

  11. bigpa says:

    Driving down the NYS Thruway, late 70’s, T-bar roof open, boyfriend naked in the passenger seat jerking off. Leaning over to give me a BJ while driving. Passing a huge tractor-trailer trucK that can see down into the car as we pass, giving us a blow on the horn of approval.
    I want to do that again….

  12. flamingkisser says:

    One thing I do know and that is, someone needs to ride and drive my tight pink pucker ass!

  13. macman0123 says:

    Hot sexy fuckers here,loved them all.
    I have had car sex often,was so fucking hot the windows steamed up.
    Was a 3some,got my cock sucked,arse licked and then fucked,yes DP.
    Awesome mmmmmmmmm.

  14. macman0123 says:

    Wanted by me all of these men.

  15. needmen says: